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We are a shoe brand. Our purpose is to create high-end hybrid, genderless, of design shoes that are fully sustainable. As a company it is our intention to create only extraordinary products, realized with smart and sustainable materials, to last longer thanks to both their quality and timeless design.

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Image: Carlo Magnoli
Image: Carlo Magnoli
Image: Carlo Magnoli
Image: Carlo Magnoli
Image: Carlo Magnoli
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  • What happens when you need to buy a shoe? You may look for a nice design, a comfortable fit and nowadays for sustainable products. The problem is that is very difficult to find a shoe that combines all these 3 characteristics. For instance, the nice ones are often uncomfortable while the sustainables have hardly a fantastic design. That’s why people throw away millions of shoes every year! Only in the US, over 300 million pairs, 95% of those wind up in landfills. Plus, shoes are often made of synthetic materials that take years to biodegrade.

  • The solution passes through the combination of 3 key elements that characterize our shoes: Sustainability: We only use sustainable materials like hemp, corn, apple, coconut fiber and natural rubber to be 100% recyclable. We consider the whole shoe life cycle including the correct disposal of the used ones. Design: Our shoes are industrial design products. We conceive footwear as a bionic human extension, rather than a fashion accessory. Ergonomy: We apply the latest ergonomic studies, to create shoes that adapts to every movement of the foot, to make the walking experience as similar as possible to that of bare feet.

  • We take care also of the correct disposal, having considered the whole shoe life cycle, including the correct recycling of used shoes. We have developed a commercial incentive, with which we will encourage customers to return their old CRIMAGNO shoes to us, with credit toward their next purchase. We will take care of the correct disassembly and upcycling, of individual parts. For example, soles will be used to build athletics racetracks and the uppershoe for insulating and sound-absorbing panels for construction. Furthermore, to help to absorb our C02 emissions we plant trees, for each pair of shoes sold.

  • We only use natural or recycled materials. For example, the shoe upper is an extrusion in bio-based and solvent free TPU on certified organic cotton supports. The soles are realized in natural rubber, which is the noblest material that can be used for the bottom of a shoe. In addition, we load some compounds with hemp wood, which is a waste of hemp production. We have reinvented the concept of shoe packaging, using a comfortable shoulder strap (made from 100% recycled GRS certified felt, reflecting our solid commitment to embrace eco-sustainability in every aspect of the company), that the customer can reuse in a thousand other ways. We apply orthopedic studies, to create the best walking conditions. We create shoes that adapts to every type of foot, giving it back more levels of freedom. For instance, in our first model Kobi, we split the sole into two parts, to make the walking experience as similar as possible to that of bare feet, adding degrees of freedom to both the foot torsion and bending. We tested all sorts of yarns, and went to loom with an our elaboration, based on hemp, to guarantee breathability, thermoregulation and antibacterial properties to our linen