• 2022

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Cara Jordan-Miller

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Crema is an external vibrator, designed to look and feel pleasurable, encouraging body exploration. Shaped like a swirl of cream being served, consider Crema as a sculptural homewares that lives beside your bed, rather than under because the products that facilitate our intimate relationships to ourselves should be designed shame-free.

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  • The majority of cis-women cannot orgasm without clitoral stimulation which, as a part of sexual practice, is still taboo, translating into a significantly statistical lack of orgasms for heterosexual women during partnered intercourse and a lack of masturbation practices. Vibrators significantly increase the likelihood of orgasm, yet the sex toy industry perpetuates stigma around cis-women’s sexuality, with offerings cartoonish, crude, typically stereotypically gendered and not user-centered. The thoughtfully designed few rely on “faux-medicalised” clinical stylings which rarely look playful, with ‘discreet’ sizing that hinders power. Crema’s challenge is a vibrator that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasurable, supporting shame-free sexuality.

  • Crema is a larger-than-typical external vibrator, with a flexible silicon body. Designed to facilitate multiple ‘touch’ preferences from the ground-breaking 2018 Pleasure Report, Crema encourages self-exploration. The firm tip can both target and circle the clitoris, (‘Accenting’, Orbiting’,’ Consistency’ touch techniques). The concave rear can “surround” the labia for broad, indirect pressure or the swirled front offers more intensity, coupled with 6 vibration patterns. Supported by a porcelain, USB charging dock, and protected by a hand blown glass cover with a dimple to aid gripping, the easy-to -use, playfully bold design elevates the set, exuding pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

  • The World Health Organization defines sexual pleasure as a human right, “not... the absence of disease” but “the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences.” Crema’s impact is on an intimate scale, supporting self-agency for an often disregarded sexuality. Academia shows ciswomen’s lack of orgasm is a learned cultural norm, instead of an intrinsic biological lack of desire, or due to ‘more complicated bits’ as mythologised. The many physiological benefits of orgasm, include better sleep, heart health and reduced anxiety – but the effects of a positive relationship with one’s body is greater, impacting our interpersonal relationships and lifelong self-worth.

  • Designing Crema involved consulting a Sexologist, triangulating peer-reviewed medical literature, undertaking product teardowns and many iterative stages of form development and user tests which all informed Crema’s final features. Crema has an ERM brushed DC “rumbly” motor, with a rated vibration speed of 11,200rpm [+/- 2,240] and battery lasting an hour in typical use, recharging in 20 minutes via USB. The internal housing is ABS for its lightweight strength. A dataset of cis-female genitalia was referenced, for ergonomics. Clitorises size range, 0.5mm – 3.4cm, determined the “orbiting” tip’s diameter. An average labia majora’s length informed Crema’s height - as did a relaxed wrist’s ergonomic state. Adhering to the design principal of simplified use, Crema’s wide base is comfortable to hold, established from A/B testing. The large X button is easy to find by touch, opposite the motor to minimise hand cramps, with a “long hold” to avoid accidentally powering down. The solid silicon body offers flexibility (shorehardness 25, A/B tested), easy cleaning with no crevices for bacteria to grow and exceeds typical abuse load stress tests. Crema stands upright, magnetically snapping fuss-free to the ceramic charger to maintain sanitation. While there are no industry regulations around materiality, Crema is body safe.