Contours of Country by Decor Systems

  • 2023

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Jenna Lee
  • Keisha Leon
  • Toby Bishop
  • Rachael Sarra

Commissioned By:

Decor Systems


Designed In:


Decor Systems has created Contours of Country, an impressive collection of architectural acoustic panels that highlight the artistic talents of First Nations creators. The range is designed to promote a deeper connection with Country and to give back to the artists through a 15% share of the sales revenue.

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  • To meet the growing need for incorporating First Nations art into the built environment with cultural sensitivity, Decor Systems partnered with Indigenous Creative Consultancy, Blaklash, and artists Toby Bishop, Keisha Leon, Rachael Sarra, and Jenna Lee to create sustainable and fire-compliant panels suitable for commercial buildings such as schools and hospitals. The product enables architects to easily incorporate meaningful works that honour the interconnectedness of Country and Belonging into their projects whilst meeting their functional objectives such as acoustic performance and fire compliance. The range aims to prompt people to stop and consider the land they are on.

  • The four artists created two designs each that reflect the diverse landscapes of Australia and celebrate Indigenous knowledge, innovation, and efficiency while sharing the stories of the traditional landowners. With each artist bringing their unique aesthetic, the completed range caters to various project types. The artists adhered to specific parameters so the panels have a high open area percentage that dramatically enhances their acoustic performance. Contours of Country have already been specified for multiple projects, including schools and commercial office buildings. The product offers exceptional functional performance and elevates a space both aesthetically and culturally.

  • Contours of Country is a high-performing acoustic panel range that visually and culturally responds to the environment. The range allows for sensitive incorporation of meaningful works that celebrate Indigenous knowledge and landscapes into projects, likely resulting in a positive economic and social return on investment. The range utilises modern technology and has been designed with safety, compliance and sustainability in mind. Contours of Country allows architects to incorporate Indigenous art into their designs whilst improving the acoustic environment. Even in its infancy in the market, Contours of Country has gained significant traction.

  • At its essence, Contours of Country allows designers to incorporate First Nations art into their designs whilst remaining fully code compliant and dramatically improving the area's acoustics. The range achieves an acoustic value of up to 0.75 NRC. The panels can also be fire rated and finished with Australian natural timber veneers. An exciting feature is the blueprint that will allow future partnerships with Indigenous artists and designers across the country on site-specific designs.