Concourse Smart Wheels

  • 2018

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Concourse Golf
  • Design + Industry
  • Procept
  • Neo Industrial Design
  • Your Engineer

Commissioned By:

Concourse Golf

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Concourse Smart Wheels are the world's first self-propelled wheels capable of delivering both powered mobility and precision control to anything they’re attached to. Designed in Australia, the Smart Wheels will revolutionise powered mobility by delivering an affordable, sustainable, user-friendly, portable mobility solution to millions of people globally.

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  • With a focus initially on the golf industry and on how to transform manual push buggies into electric-powered buggies, we identified a simple truth: that when any manual form of mobility was made powered, ease-of-use, portability, compactness and cost efficiency were sacrificed. Our design challenge was entrenched in this divide that exists between compact portability and powered mobility. It required us to create a new vision and utility for the basic wheel – applicable to any industry sector – that is portable, compact, robust and easy to operate.

  • Based on the Design Challenge, we set out to quite simply optimise the capability of the wheel with fresh eyes. In doing so, we landed on the rudimentary idea of using the 'negative-space' within the wheel hub to discreetly house everything that enables power and precision-controlled mobility. We sought to leverage innovations in wireless technology, efficient battery power and advanced micro-processing to transform a 6000 year old invention that simply reduced friction from motion. When combined with design excellence, our wheel transformation delivered a technology-packed, self-propelled, completely wireless and infinitely portable source of powered mobility applicable to many industry sectors.

  • Highly portable, motorised wheelchairs is one example of the many further applications. For golf, walking the course with Smart Wheels has many benefits over and above driving a cart. It provides better health benefits, less course damage and better scoring. The electric buggies today are complicated and bulky, and are challenging to service. By comparison, the compact Smart Wheels deliver power more efficiently requiring less battery power which fall below the dangerous goods limit of 100Wh, therefore reducing servicing costs enormously. Furthermore, retro-fitting encourages ‘recycling’ of existing golf buggies, reduces entire new buggy purchases and overall, results in less landfill.

  • • Water resistant power units containing: - High performance brushless motors - Lithium battery - High torque drive system - Advanced intelligence system including: *Sensors *Micro Processors *Gyroscopes *WiFi *Bluetooth • Precision Steering - Highly intuitive remote control • Regular software update capability • Range per charge - 15km, or 18 holes of golf • Re-charge in 3 hours • Cruise Control - Consistent speed: up and down hills • Diagnostics logging - for data analytics and service information • Airline Travel - designed within dangerous goods limits <100Wh per wheel • Free Wheel Mode - effortless rolling without power engaged • Universal compatibility with a vast array of wheeled devices via simple axle attachment - instantly enabling powered mobility