Coelux – Experience the Sky

  • 2019

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    Hardware and Building

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Born from the desire to communicate natural light, CoeLux is the result of a 12-year scientific research project by Professor Paolo Di Trapani, a physicist of the Department of Science and High Technology at the University of Insubria in Como. It is a system able to reproduce sun and sky.

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  • Intrigued by the accounts of Marcel Minnaert in the book “Light and Color in the Outdoors”, in which the author takes the reader on a journey of color and outdoor light and reveals numerous and spectacular natural optical phenomena, Prof. Di Trapani attempted to capture the presence of such phenomena in nature. He envisioned a technology capable of physically recreating the atmospheric optical phenomena found in nature.

  • CoeLux combines 3 key elements: the latest LED technology which reproduces the sunlight's spectrum; a sophisticated optical system that creates the sensation of the distance between the sky and the sun; and nano-structured materials, only a few mm's thick, which recreate the entire Rayleigh scattering process which occurs in the atmosphere. CoeLux is a scientific breakthrough allowing you for the first time to reproduce in an interior space the physical effects and optical phenomena of natural light, specifically the diffusion and transmission of sunlight through the atmosphere.

  • CoeLux technology enables the physical reconstruction of natural light, giving people the opportunity to experience the sun and the sky everywhere. At home or in an office, in a shop, museum, hospital, airplane or train. In a space as small as an elevator or as large as a stadium, CoeLux systems elevate the user’s mood and sense of well-being on a primal level, increasing the quality of the space we inhabit, our productivity and feeling of well- being within it as well as transforming the presentation of products or works of art on display.

  • We believe that CoeLux will fast become an essential component in the design of interior spaces: a virtual window to the sky and the sun where no other opportunity exists to connect with the outdoors. We envisage over time that our technology will be applied on the exteriors of buildings, to expand the sky into the urban environment as well.