Cochlear Nucleus 6 System

  • 2014

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Designed By:

  • Blue Sky Design Group Pty Ltd
  • S3 (Silicon & Software Systems Limited)
  • Automatic Studio

Commissioned By:

Cochlear Limited

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The Cochlear Nucleus 6® System is our most advanced Cochlear Implant system, designed with a clear purpose – to help our recipients enjoy the best hearing outcomes in the simplest possible solution. At the heart of Nucleus 6® is a new custom-designed chip, five times more powerful than the chip in our previous market leading system; this enables a range of new enhancements such as automation, data logging functionality and wireless capabilities. The system is delivered with leading edge ergonomic attributes in a stylish and modular design with an intuitive user interface that delivers enhanced simplicity and usability.

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  • We know that sound processor size is important to our recipients, so as our technology advances, we have worked hard to make our sound processors even smaller. With Nucleus 6®, our recipients now have access to the smallest sound processor on the market, the CP920. Nucleus 6® delivers a new range of human factor designed ergonomic retention aids, based on actual recipient anthropometric studies. This led to the development of the sound processor's dual material PC/EVA ear-hook, which delivers maximum retention with all day comfort.

  • Another breakthrough in Nucleus 6® is that each sound processor has fully integrated capability to operate both as a hearing aid and a Cochlear implant simultaneously. This allows recipients to make the most of their natural hearing while also benefiting from a range of patented sound processing algorithms such as wind noise reduction, noise cancellation and automated classroom FM system detection - extremely sophisticated technology in the industry's smallest sound processor.

  • SCAN is a new feature in Nucleus 6®, specifically designed to give recipients the best chance of hearing in the most difficult situations automatically. SCAN continuously detects the external sound environment and adjusts various technologies to provide the best possible hearing outcome; the world's first truly automated Cochlear implant system. SCAN has the ability to detect six common environments faced by Cochlear implant recipients: Quiet, Speech, Speech in Noise, Noise, Music and Wind. These are the most distinct categories that Cochlear implant users have identified as a challenge, and to which we can apply different technologies to produce better outcomes.

  • Custom Sound 4.0 delivers smart programming for the Nucleus 6 System allowing hearing professionals to customize programs for recipients with specific needs. With an intuitive user interface design and new custom program icons, a professional's counselling time and effort is greatly reduced. Nucleus 6® incorporates the industry's first data logging capability, which provides hearing professionals with valuable insight into how recipients use their devices every day. These data logs are presented in a clear and innovative user interface, allowing the hearing professional to identify and trouble shoot issues so they can make the right adjustments for each individual recipient's needs.

    The world is rapidly adopting 2.4 GHz wireless technology. And we want our recipients to be able to take advantage of this technology, so the Nucleus 6 System has advanced wireless capability using the 2.4GHz platform. The Nucleus 6® can be used with a range of wireless accessories, including the Nucleus 6 CR200 Series Remotes and with the availability of a future software upgrade - a Phone Clip, Mini Microphone and TV streamer will help our recipients hear better in the most challenging of situations.