Cobber Bike Light

  • 2019

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Hugo Davidson
  • Mal McKechnie
  • Michael Westwood
  • Chris Bilanenko

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Introducing Knog’s latest bike light: Cobber. Producing a 330 degree arc of light that is consistent at all angles makes Cobber a world first. This bike light innovation creates a lighting halo effect and allows cyclists to be seen from both sides as well as the traditional front and rear views.

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  • According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents almost two-thirds of cyclists killed or seriously injured were involved in collisions at, or near road junctions. Knog recognised this problem is exacerbated by the lack of side visibility afforded to cyclists. Knog’s challenge was to create an effective bike light that produced a beam of light that highlights the rider from both sides, without compromising the front and rear lighting capabilities. In order to achieve a light capable of side visibility, Knog needed to design a Cob Led light that could be curved, this would be an industry first.

  • To achieve Knog’s design solution of creating a curved COB LED, Knog’s designers had to completely reimagine how a chip on board LED could work. A chip on board is inherently a flat laminated structure, therefore in order to bend such a chip, Knog’s designers had to predict, design and react to the forces that bending it would create. Further consideration also had to be given to the COB’s structure in order to both create a wide arch of light and to withstand the stretching and compressing forces that would be generated, all without compromising our LED’s brightness and efficiencies.

  • The final Cobber design successfully answered Knog’s own brief to design and build a bike light that produced side visibility lighting without compromising the front and rear lighting capabilities. Knog had produced a bike light that would help highlight cyclists in a way previously unimagined. Indeed, during light arc testing Cobber was found to produce an unparalleled 330° of light, an industry first. Knog had proven with a radical new approach to the design and layout that it was possible to bend a chip on board LED, Knog had proven the over 20 factories that said it was impossible, wrong.

  • Beyond an industry first 330° arc of light, Cobber has a plethora of other key features that keep this bike light in the front of the chasing pack. In terms of light output, the largest Cobber packs 470 lumens on the front light, with the red rear light achieving 270 lumens. So, it’s fair to say this is a seriously bright light. Cobber is also a thoroughly modern bike light, no old-fashioned batteries to worry about as Cobber is fully rechargeable. Keeping your light full of energy is made easy with an integrated USB charge, plugging directly into wall or computer charge points. Another key feature for Cobber is the quick release mount allowing for easy removal of the light for security or charging purposes. This mounting system has been designed to fit the various stems and posts found in the varied world of cycling. Whilst designed for maximum visibility to drivers, Knog didn’t want Cobber to affect the cyclist’s vision in any way. Therefore, it is designed with an eye saver mode for when used on handlebars As you’d expect having been designed in Melbourne, Cobber is 100% waterproof, so you can keep rolling regardless of the weather conditions.