Co-creating an Equitable and Inclusive Future for Football with Nike Pacific

  • 2023

  • Design Research

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What could the future of sport look like?

Together with Nike and an impressive Gen Z co-creation team, we imagined what the future of football could be on the biggest stage of all.

Through collaboration and creativity, we visualised how Nike can be a catalyst for lasting impact in sport.

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  • With input from Nike’s global and local teams, we set the frame for this research: How do young women, girls and gender diverse people imagine the future of sport in 2030? By capturing their visions of the future, we equipped Nike with the insights they needed to create authentic, equitable, and resonant stories that champion women and gender diverse athletes on a global stage. To achieve this during the peak of Melbourne’s COVID lockdown, we knew we needed to do things differently.

  • We invited 24 young women, girls and non-binary people to share their vision of sport in a closed Discord group. In this space, we created safety, trust, and momentum to sustain authentic engagement over a week of research. Young people were empowered to respond to a different brief each day: from reimagining the way people of all genders experience sport, to exploring new pathways into the game—our collaborators told us their stories by creating vlogs, banners and music playlists from the future. Through open conversation and collaboration, we understood the best ways to connect with this audience on their terms

  • Over the course of the research, we saw high rates of participation and genuine contribution from all the young people involved. We created an emotive, digital storytelling tool unlike any research output we’ve made yet. It's an insights tool full of our collaborators' own creations: videos, playlist, collages and voices. It brings the voice of Gen Z to the boardroom table. Their guiding insights will continue to inform Nike’s brand leadership and roadmap into 2023, in pursuit of a more accessible, inclusive and equitable sector.

  • “Our consumer connection and understanding is pivotal to ensure we create strategies and plans that resonate. Co-creating an unbiased and optimistic view on the future for sport with this cohort was an inspiring, uplifting and deeply insightful process that has had impact going far beyond the direct outcomes of the project.” - Nick, Brand Director, Nike Pacific