CLPe Plus Licensed Business Two-way Radio

  • 2021

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The CLPe Plus Licensed Business Two-way Radio provides instant and unobtrusive voice communication for customer facing hospitality, restaurant, and retail workers. This enables efficient inventory queries, order communication, and customer service resolution.

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  • Retail/hospitality workers tend to not fully utilize communications technologies due to device weight, lack of wearability, and complex operation. CLPe designers were challenged to address the premise that workers are not radio experts. The need to strip communication elements to their essence was constantly emphasized. The solution was to be re-imagined not as a traditional rectangular box with antenna, but as an integrated component in a wearable system. This has relevance in an environment where workers are expected to be customer focused and not distracted by their tools.

  • At first glance the CLPe form factor departs completely from a typical two-way radio. The Push-to-talk button appears to be the only control and is prominently framed on the face of a sculpted housing. Absence of a loudspeaker eliminates the audio confusion often present in a room filled with loud devices while keeping communications private. Knobs and displays are replaced with a series of illuminated glow ring segments surrounding the PTT informing the user of essential device status. CLPe replaces complex visual elements with a simplified form that invites novice users to intuitively interact and easily master device usage.

  • The compact form factor and silent operation is designed to blend-in, rather than detract from carefully planned retail and hospitality settings where service efficiency and team coordination are top priorities. CLPe offers an efficient, intuitive solution helping teams be more effective by enhancing communication, eliminating steps, saving time, and serving customers. Improved organizational collaboration adds to the safety, satisfaction, and general well-being while enabling workers to focus on people and not tools. Sustainability is achieved through rugged commercial grade construction which assures years of service while eliminating annual disposal and replacement cycles typical to other devices in this category.

  • In early research users referred to their wearable earpiece as the "radio" and viewed the actual radio as a bulky, unused box that was merely a junction for wires and cables. With this insight designers removed all unnecessary elements from the radio and transformed it into a size-reduced form highlighting only the most essential controls (along with circuitry and battery). This gives users the functions they need and eliminates a variety of unused knobs, displays , and speakers. Users still consider the earpiece to be the "radio" as the actual CLPe device is now viewed as a compact housing for push-to-talk and simplified indicators.