Climate Solutions by Greenpeace

  • 2022

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    Web Design and Development

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Greenpeace Australia Pacific

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Climate Solutions by Greenpeace is a tool for learning and climate action. The design language of a quiz connects with Australians alarmed by climate change, acknowledges the changes they’ve already made to support the cause, and offers complementary ways for them to take action to create lasting, system-led impact.

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  • The design challenge was to create a novel digital product that encourages Australians who are already motivated and concerned about climate change, to take small actions in challenging the systems that are driving the climate crisis. Systemic change isn’t the result of a single moment of participation. It requires ongoing effort and pressure from many people. This might mean speaking up when they currently don’t, changing the way they vote, or demanding change from big businesses and the government. To do this, people need clarity on the issues and guidance on the best way to get involved.

  • Underpinning this work was our human-centred design practice. We developed hypotheses based on existing research and insights from the Greenpeace team, and used these to develop a range of concepts. Based on the needs and expectations of the audience, we landed on a concept and crafted a unique visual style and feature set. The Climate Solutions by Greenpeace website was launched in December, 2021. The experience gives Australians who are alarmed about climate change up to date information on the issues they care about, paired with key ways to take action and create lasting, system-led impact.

  • Using a quiz as a way into action was one of the ways the tool connects with this audience, acknowledging the changes they’ve already made to support the cause, while offering complementary ways for them to advocate for change that protects our planet. Each action is mapped to a broader climate solution, which clarifies how it helps us get to net zero emissions by 2030 using case studies, key stats and expert insights to help people stay informed, shift their thinking and have better climate conversations.

  • The visual design for this project leverages Greenpeace’s core brand as a base to convey a bold sense of optimism, action and hope. The visual design aims to move away from the negative imagery we might traditionally associate with climate change to represent a new vision for the future: where the solutions for climate change are possible through the actions of Greenpeace’s alarmed audience. Results: Since launch, there’s been 18,000 page views, 2,000 action click-throughs to actions and more than 1,000 quizzes taken. Greenpeace Middle East and North Africa are looking to replicate a version for their own audiences.