CleverScore Scoreboards – ‘Uber Fold’

  • 2015

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • David Lambasa

Commissioned By:

David Lambasa

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Very revolutionary scoreboard or manual display system which is a complete and total departure from traditional manual scoreboard designs.
Essentially it is the worlds first full foldable full size scoreboard which is completely portable as it can be carried in a small lightweight hand carry bag.
Suitable and applicable to every sport and also has corporate and commercial applications as well.
Its use will not only provide crucial scoring information but it also offers clubs hugely valuable streams of sponsorship revenue as well. As a whole – keeping sporting clubs viable and fully funded a very important part of our society today – as is keeping spectators & players as well.

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  • Our new invention truly is a world first in that no other scoreboard in the history of sports has ever had a fully foldable completely portable full sized scoring option. Its form is thus a duality - in its folded form it is carried in a hand carry bag - lightweight and extremely portable ... something which is very easily carried by hand or in a kit bag, car etc etc. Sports rely on ease of use and portability as a pre requisite for us ... thus in its folded form our new innovation is incredibly practical. Once unfolded - its form takes on the visual shape of a proper professional full size scoreboard suitable for all sports at all levels junior, senior, school or professional use.

  • As somebody who loves design - there is the saying of "form follows function". In the case of our Uber Folds though ... we can honestly say that form and function really run hand in hand. Every single person who has tried our Uber Fold has said they cannot believe both how simple our design is and also how easy and user friendly it is too. Indeed in terms of user experience we often hear from sports such as Lawn Bowls for instance where some elderly players of the game report back that they simply love now scoring as the function of our scoreboards is so much more enjoyable then other systems they have used. Visibility is also crucial in this industry ... and the Uber Fold has super high visibility.

  • I read about "built in obsolescence" at school many years ago ... and from the moment I heard that term I thought that there is no way in the world I would ever design and make a product unless it had the absolute highest levels of materials and build quality possible. That belief still holds true today .... I spent countless hours, days & months researching and testing different fabrics and textiles and materials ... and once that was sorted i spent as long making sure the design and build process was absolute world class. As a manufacturer I really just want to make sure every single person who invests their own money into any product I make to be 1000% happy with their purchase.

  • Knowing the sports industry as I do ... our new invention has huge market potential given all of its key performance characteristics in comparison to every other manual scoreboard out there. Ultimately being a relatively new product only time will tell how the wider market accepts the Uber Fold .... but in terms of cost, quality and design performance the Uber Fold ticks every box. Uber Fold also has commercial advantage in terms of storage (being much smaller when folded) and of course much lower costs at all levels using much less materials.

    I have a belief that often the simpler the design the simpler and better the product. The Uber Fold is extremely innovative and everything about it is a world first at every level.