Circle Pro

  • 2019

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Commissioned By:

Joshua Flowers

Designed In:


A beautiful next generation computer case made from CNC machined aluminium and glass. Utilising liquid cooling for incredible performance in a precisely engineered frame, Circle Pro is designed for people who want the most powerful desktop computing experience that is also repairable and upgradeable.

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  • The design challenge was to create the most powerful computer possible, and do it in a beautifully designed enclosure that people would be proud to keep on their desks. Circle Pro was born out of the need to repair and upgrade standard computer components when necessary. We aim to encourage user serviceability and avoid unnecessary waste - unlike other manufacturers who are increasingly encouraging the trend of disposable electronics.

  • Circle Pro tackles inbuilt obsolescence by providing a powerful modular desktop system that people are proud to own and look after. Made from the highest quality materials and processes, the case is designed to be timeless and to last for generations of computer hardware. The beauty of the system is that when new components are available, you can remove the magnetic panels in seconds and swap out individual components instead of buying an entirely new computer, giving it a new lease of life.

  • The environmental impact of Circle Pro lies in its material choice: high end (recyclable) CNC aluminium and stainless steel, rather than sheet metals and co-moulded plastics. This drives our focus on longevity, and the timeless design that treats the computer as one of our most important modern tools. Computers of the same specification only exist in a space that's primarily occupied by corporate facing or 'gamer' styled cases. Circle Pro pioneers a niche focused on power, serviceability and beautiful design.

  • Circle Pro was designed to consider noise, airflow, and aesthetic impact. With liquid cooling as standard, high end CPUs can function effortlessly and silently. Magnetic glass panels attach to the frame with a snap. A vertical column of air flow through the case enables rapid and efficient heat dissipation from components: cold air is pulled in from the bottom, and exhausted through the top panel. A quick and easy drive dock is included internally, so you can swap out hard drives in seconds - no tools required. We supply build guides and an assembly video to help you assemble your system.