Christie GoACCESS Smart Barbecue Platform

  • 2019

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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DA Christie

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The Christie GoAccess smart barbecue brings the world of smart public asset management to barbecues. Our barbecues capture detailed live usage, performance, and maintenance data, and communicates it to the cloud for convenient analysis. This reduces costs for clients and guarantees the ultimate cooking experience for public barbecue users.

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  • Public barbecues occupy a unique position in the Australian culture and in our public open spaces. There is an expectation among users that they must be maintained to a high standard - clean and in good working order at all times. Faced with ever-increasing maintenance, labour, and compliance costs, barbecue owners are looking for smart solutions to manage these assets. Access to real time usage and performance statistics will significantly reduce costs by proactively addressing maintenance and cleaning schedules. The challenge is to provide remote data insights that delivers valuable operational efficiencies and the best possible service to barbecue users.

  • Christie designed and developed the natively intelligent cooktop that continuously monitors the operational parameters of the barbecue in real time. Smartsensor designed and developed the GoAccess asset management platform, software, app, and communications hardware specifically for this project. It allows for simple integration with current models of Christie barbecues, complete with mounting options, wiring kits, and internal and external antenna options. The system captures live data and also allows for two-way communication, remote software updates, maintenance alerts, and complete control of the client's fleet of barbecue assets.

  • This project delivers access to all relevant barbecue cost and utilization data. For the first time, asset deployment, maintenance schedules, and investment in park barbecue infrastructure can be guided by factual data insights. This solves the need for reactive and expensive scheduled management: barbecues can be cleaned when needed and proactively, promptly, and inexpensively serviced, based on specific live fault notifications. Importantly, improved asset maintenance may remove barriers to barbecue use and improve public satisfaction around hygiene, performance, and availability by providing clean, operational assets in high-demand environments including beachfront and high tourism areas.

  • The Christie GoAccess barbecue sensor and platform is a quantum shift in public asset management. The dashboard allows for comprehensive, remote barbecue usage and performance monitoring; operational parameter changes; real-time and scheduled data analytics reporting; and software updates. Programmed parameter alerts provide maintenance staff with real-time details about breaches to facilitate prompt, efficient rectification. A key feature of this is a temperature warning that disables the barbecue when not reaching a safe, hygienic cooking temperature. The barbecue sensor module is designed to be factory fitted to the current model of Christie cooktops and can be retro-fitted on site. It is robust enough to withstand public environments, while remaining fully serviceable. The Christie GoACCESS platform can also be used to display the location of other public assets. By dropping a pin, the location of these assets are shown on the dashboard to provide a single, practical resource for guiding cleaning and maintenance staff and routes. The GoACCESS platform can be accessed via computer or a mobile device, providing cleaning and maintenance contractors with all relevant statistics and the ability to log data while in the office, or in the field.