China Rocket

  • 2017

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

Commissioned By:

China Rocket Co., Ltd.

Designed In:


Inspired by the aspiration for boosting the space dream of China’s commercial rocket, we transformed the Chinese character ‘中’ (zhōng in pinyin, meaning ‘China’) in the logo design to imply China Rocket will head to the global on behalf of China, so as to realize the China’s space dream.

  • The overall pattern appears like a space exploration symbol, representing the space exploration spirit of China Rocket as well as its commercialization strategy to help human realize the space exploration experience. And, the symmetrical form symbolizes both the launching and the recycling missions of China Rocket. Besides, the upswept angle 30° manifests the steady and healthy development of China Rocket, also its attitude to lead the industry.

  • The upper part is abstracted from the earth while the lower part from other galaxies, showcasing China Rocket will connect different galaxies of the universe to realize interstellar traversing. Furthermore, the two round-shaped breakpoints demonstrate the working attitude of China Rocket employees to help boost the space dream by making no effort and staying true to their own hearts.