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Christian Simpson

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Chessplus, the exciting evolution of chess, began as a creative move by a nine year old playing chess with her dad. She joined her rook and pawn – Chessplus was born. This modern and elegantly designed game allows pieces to be seamlessly merged and separated, creating a faster, more dynamic game.

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  • The challenge was to design an intuitive game combining the aesthetics and performance of traditional chess with the added features and functionality of Chessplus. The pieces needed to merge and separate during play. Merged pieces had to be joined so that they could be securely picked up or moved around the board in all modes of play. This needed to be achieved with one hand and preserve the stability of pieces. Chessplus pieces had to be visually engaging in any combination and standalone.

  • The solution created beautiful pieces designed with a minimalist feel and a tasteful sense of style. The simple robe-like joining mechanism seamlessly combines design and functionality, referencing the regal aesthetic of traditional chess in contemporary and stunning pieces. The Chessplus board wraps around the pieces to become the attractive and protective packaging.

  • Chessplus is designed to last for generations. Made from timber or resin, it can be played as traditional chess or as the faster and more dynamic Chessplus. The resulting game is fun, complex and utterly compelling. It brings people together, engaging and stimulating players young and old, skilled and novice. Chessplus is passionate about supporting the community, giving 10% of profits to the Butterfly Foundation, a charitable organisation for people with eating disorders.

  • Chessplus is an innovative and natural progression of a 1500 year-old game. Chessplus has been embraced by champion chess players: *> Chessplus is a very natural way to play [...] it has the potential for FIDE (World Chess Federation) ratings * American/Russian Grandmaster and former US Chess Federation President Maxim Dlugy *> Magic is possible with Chessplus* Australian Grandmaster and current Australian Chess Champion Max Illingworth *> It was fast and it was fun because there are a lot more good moves that you can make. * Three time WA State Chess Champion Kevin Sheldrick