Centor S4 Screen and Blind System

  • 2019

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  • Centor

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The world is beautiful. Centor believes in connecting homeowners to their beautiful world outside in the best ways possible. Centor’s S4 Screening System enables homeowners with large door openings to enjoy the luxury of inside-outside living without any compromises, thanks to its carefully considered design and unobtrusive presence.

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  • S4 is Centor’s sixth-generation screen; over the years there has been lots of feedback and improvement requests. The challenge was to discern those that were truly meaningful and make them available in a responsible way. An added complexity was designing for both the installer and the homeowner. Their needs are very different, but both must be addressed. A beautiful screen that is expensive and time consuming to install means no company will be interested in selling and installing. A screen that is cheap and simple to install would lose all the benefits that make it a delight for the homeowner.

  • S4 has been designed to delight both the homeowner and the installer: Homeowner – S4 delivers a range of performance improvements over its predecessors and competitors. • Addition of light-filtering and blockout fabrics provide a clean, uncluttered alternative to curtains. • Clean, simple lines match modern design elements. • Insect screen remains in track in higher winds. • Sill cover is removable without tools for ease of cleaning. Installer – S4 is easier and quicker to install and service. • Colour coded cable guide. • Captured cable on conical pulley prevents cable confusion. • Easy to remove snap-fit covers. • Same size frame as previous generation simplifies industry upgrades.

  • Social – S4 makes the quality of life desired by homeowners with large door openings a reality, by enabling them to regulate their living environment without compromising on aesthetics. Screens and blinds control insects, sunlight and privacy, then retract discreetly into the frame when not needed. Environment - Installing a fly screen means doors can be open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing CO2 emissions from air conditioners without using any chemical pesticides. Commercial – With an increased number of applications and commitment to simplified installation through a breakthrough adjustment design, Centor expects S4 to double the size of its current screens business.

  • Screens and blinds: - Retract discreetly into the frame when not in use, removing visual distractions to the outside and protecting them from dirt and damage. - Are fully retained within the frame on all sides to allow total control of insects, light and privacy. - Are secured in place by tabs, held in tracks to prevent insect screen blow-out and to support the heavier blind fabrics, including 100% blockout. - Screens - available in a choice of mesh with no pleats or sliding panels to detract from the view: tight weave has smaller apertures to protect against tiny insects; standard weave is tough and durable, ideal for pet owners; new for S4, the lighter air weave improves airflow and visibility by 30% (vs standard weave). - Blinds - available in a choice of light-filtering or blockout fabrics, and a range of stylish patterns and colours to suit any home. S4 can be installed on the inside or outside of new or existing doors, even up to 9185mm wide, and comes in custom colours to perfectly match doors and windows. Four configurations are available, including a new cornerless option with no posts or obstructions to interrupt views or access.