Centor 205 Integrated Folding Door

  • 2015

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The world is beautiful. At Centor, we believe in connecting people with the world outside.

Our homeowner Wendy, enjoys a peaceful start to her busy day, opening her home to feel the cool morning air and taking a moment to listen to the birds and appreciate the home she has created.

With the first integrated door she can now do this without the compromises.

She can filter glare from the morning sun and keep mosquitoes out in the afternoon. She can seamlessly blend her great-room and patio to entertain friends. She can draw privacy when alone at night. She can maintain the architectural look without the clutter of curtains or blinds.

She can have a dramatic living space without a goldfish bowl feeling.

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  • The intended form is simple elegance for high-end residential homes. Visual distractions are meticulously pared back leaving simple shapes that frame the beauty of the world outside. With the exception of the primary door handle all functional elements are concealed from the inside with the discovery of a hidden handle emerging from the architecture as an unexpected delight. Considerable mechanical function is concealed within the walls and sill providing a contemporary architectural aesthetic. A shadow-edge line on the jamb alludes to the presence of built-in screens and blinds which unfurl into a wide expanse of beautiful fabric. There is some mechanical magic going on here.

  • A clear opening between the great-room and the world outside that allows family and friends to congregate and migrate. The operation of the retractable screen and blind is obvious, easy and needs just one finger, preventing kids and barbeque hands from creating havoc with traditional screens and curtains. The panoramic screen welcomes views, aromas and garden sounds without the annoyance of mosquitos and flies. With the wave of one hand the blind satisfies a primal need to feel safe and in control when alone, yet retains the clean architectural aesthetic. Closing the autolatching doors excludes heat, rain or cold, the act is so satisfying you can't wait to open them again. Using this product is fun.

  • The door is designed for the safety and wellbeing of its users. Potential pinch points are protected by double soft seals on intersecting door edges. Deadlocking with hardened stainless steel bolts prevents forced entry by would-be intruders, and options for keyed or keyless egress satisfy both fire safety and insurance requirements. The panoramic screen now allows the widest possible door openings while protecting from mosquitos that transmit diseases such as Ross River and Dengue fever. Doors are designed for air, rain and storm including hurricane missile impact and exceed requirements of US AAMA101 and EU EN1435.

  • We address people using 1.5x planetary resources by doubling the designed lifetime of our doors. Eg we initiated a 4-way partnership to develop a world-first paint that allows paint-after-machining to protect every exposed metallic surface. Our designs encourage people to open their homes and use fresh air rather than a/c. World class thermal design <1.3W/m2K means less CO2. A solid wood interior delivers natural beauty while the structural aluminium exterior eliminates moisture driven expansion that accelerates breakdown of wood doors by surface checking, joint failure and rot. All wood is from sustainable, certified forestry. We plant a tree for Wendy and share the GPS coordinate as her door ID.

    Design of manufacturing process of the multi-layered construction uses hand finishing of the solid wood interior and guarantees furniture-grade flush surfaces on both sides. Accuracy of custom sized manufacture is ensured by server-generated, barcode-driven CNC code created automatically from orders entered by our dealers, eliminating the greatest quality problem with custom manufactured product: human error. Finger-tip operation of all components is delivered by precision ground stainless steel bearings and our huge fabric pieces are shaped to defy gravity. Premium operation and finishes are delivered by Italian and Swiss CNC machines and fastidious attention to detail.

    The user experience and aesthetics of the 205 door is a marked improvement on existing premium doors fitted with screens and curtains at an equivalent net cost. The reaction from customers at UK Grand Designs Live was remarkable. Wendy fell in love to the dismay of her husband; those clearly unable to afford it kept coming back for one more wistful look. Design of the 205 door required invention of a large number of technologies and mechanisms. It is the 1st of 48 product derivatives. We fought for 18 months just to achieve a single product design that fits seamlessly into every construction type in the world. We are creating a global network of 350 dealers with a common offering, targeting tenfold revenue growth.

    The 205 door integrates doors, screens, blinds and hardware into one elegant product. Visual distractions have been removed and operation simplified so Wendy can connect with the beautiful world outside. With 379 parts designed, the folding door has many world first features including: • AutoLatch with hidden handle and hardened stainless bolts magnetically activate as the doors close • Hinges and hardware concealed in the door • Perfectly flat, perfectly balanced panoramic screen and blind operates with fingertip ease Extreme performance and durability is engineered from 4-layer frame construction. Innovation is protected by 7 international patents pending and 6 design registrations.