CellXpert® C170i

  • 2019

  • Engineering

Commissioned By:

Eppendorf AG

Designed In:


The CellXpert® CO2 incubator provides an environment for reproducible growth of cells in culture. The user is the scientist doing cell cultivation. The device is operated and monitored via the VisioNize® touch screen. It provides an easy, yet robust user experience and includes smart solutions for daily cell culture challenges.

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  • Daily cell culture challenges: Optimized growth conditions for sensitive cells, prevent contamination and lower the costs. Other challenges are having a CO2 incubator that is ready for the future, a CO2 incubator that covers cell culture requirements over the next 10 years and can provide flexibility

  • Optimized growth conditions for sensitive cells: by precise temperature uniformity throughout the chamber, fast gas and temperature recovery without overshooting and protection from vibrations and turbulence with fanless design. Contamination prevention : by automatic 180 °C High Temperature Disinfection ,the seamless stainless steel chambers reduce areas prone to contamination and can be cleaned and reassembled within a few minutes, fan-less design to reduce airborne contamination risks and no non-sterilizable internal HEPA-filters. Lower the costs: by significantly reduced gas consumption with smart gas control, up to 25 % more usable space with fan-less design, no recurring costs for internal expendable parts

  • Working in a cell culture lab is often associated with physical and psychological stress (time constraints, high noise and poor ergonomics; constant disinfection and care to avoid contamination; processing of many samples per day. This stress not only reduces your well-being and can lead to errors in the workflow, but could also contribute to illness in the long term. The CellXpert incubators includes some major construction concepts to create more ergonomic solutions. The comfort and convenience for the everyday user were always foremost in our mind

  • The VisioNize® touch screen provides short and illustrated step-by-step instructions for standardized cleaning, downloadable performance protocols and filterable charts, programmable tasks, and the possibility for access restriction in a multi-user environment. This ensures a high level of safety for the modern cell culture lab with the click of a button. Documentation of work : by easy tracking of usage and view setpoints with the advanced touchscreen, export performance charts or High Temperature Disinfection (HTD) protocols within seconds via the integrated USB ports on the front panel, conveniently connect your lab and remotely monitor the status of your devices within the new VisioNize® connected lab system. Ergonomics : The outer door comes with a unique magnetic closure concept that requires significantly less force to open. An audible alert during closing tells you that the door is securely locked. The novel, robust,and ergonomic handle provides a solid and comfortable grip. Easy-to-open magnetic latches on inner door. Save space: the option to change the door handle position whenever necessary