Catapult Sports: Vector T7 (Basketball Athlete Monitoring Suite)

  • 2023

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Catapult Sports

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The Vector T7 is an advanced basketball-specific wearable designed for professional athletes and teams. It captures over 1,000 unique performance metrics to enhance training, reduce injury risks, and inform real-time strategic decisions. The T7 offers unprecedented insights into on-court performance, revolutionising the way coaches and teams evaluate + optimise their game.

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  • The challenge was to develop a compact, lightweight wearable capable of accurately capturing basketball-specific movements and providing elite-level insights into athlete performance. The device needed to identify and record these movements in indoor environments, allowing coaches and athletes to make data-driven decisions to improve training, prevent injuries, and enhance game-time strategies. Meeting this challenge required innovative design, advanced sensor technology, and seamless integration with Catapult's software suite. To improve athlete compliance the T7 wearable demanded a reduction in size and weight, and to facilitate portability for teams a reduction in size, weight and functionality of the Charging Dock + Carry case.

  • The Vector T7 solution combines a sleek, 73% smaller design with advanced inertial sensors, machine learning, and ClearSky's local positioning system to deliver accurate and comprehensive performance monitoring. Developed through extensive research, iterative testing, and collaboration with elite basketball teams, the T7 captures over 1,000 performance metrics and provides real-time analytics. The T7 Carry + Charge Dock simplifies device management and charging for up to 24 devices, allowing coaches to easily access and analyse data, streamline decision-making processes, and make informed adjustments to training regimens and game-time strategies, ultimately enhancing on-court performance and athlete wellbeing.

  • Vector T7 revolutionises athlete performance monitoring + injury prevention by providing real-time, basketball-specific performance data. Its compact design, extended battery life + user-friendly interface increase athlete compliance, while its advanced analytics unlock unprecedented insights into on-court performance. This innovation solidifies Catapult's market leader status in the professional SportsTech sector (working w/ 3,625+ Teams, across 40+ professional sporting codes, across 137 Countries) + offers a sustainable competitive advantage, contributing to increased market share, sales + customer loyalty. T7 empowers teams with data-driven insights, leading to improved on-court performance, reduced injuries, and the optimisation of training + recovery programs. Giving teams a competitive edge — T7 fosters the pursuit of excellence.

  • The T7 suite by Catapult Sports represents a ground-breaking approach to real-time player performance monitoring + injury prevention, focusing on a miniaturised form factor +extended battery life. Catapult's basketball-specific analytics offer unparalleled insights into on-court performance, solidifying their position as the global leader in professional sports performance monitoring + ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage. The T7 device captures previously unattainable metrics on individual athletes, enabling data-driven decision-making that leads to improved performance, reduced injuries, and a competitive edge for teams. New positional + inertial sensors are optimised for basketball, offering the potential for future integration of additional data sets such as heart rate, physiological, mouthguard, and EMG metrics. T7 Wearable - Specifications: Dimensions: 53mm x 35mm x 8.2mm Weight: 17.5 grams (73% smaller than its predecessor) Battery life: 6 hours Wireless communications: Ultra-wideband & Bluetooth 5 System Capacity: Manage multiple teams playing at different competitive levels - up to 200 Athletes Heart Rate: Polar 5.5kHz Compatible Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer The T7 Carry + Charge Dock simplifies device management + charging, accommodating up to 24 devices for enhanced portability. The dock features onboard data storage and a USB connection for data upload, streamlining the data analysis process and making it easier for coaches to access + assess performance metrics.