CareFit Pro by Ergotron

  • 2020

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Designed By:

  • Ergotron

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Designed In:

United States of America

A modern look, personalised height and screen adjustment and intuitively placed features, this medical cart uses the latest in technology to support our hero caregivers focus on patient care. Fully customizable for ergonomic and efficient workflows. With untethered productivity, unprecedented mobility and long-lasting, dependable power to navigate each caregivers shift.

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  • The caregiver and patient experience is closely interwoven, making nurse wellness, workflows and health and safety key aspects of quality care. As more organizations aim to offer warm, healing spaces to align with the “resimercial” trend in hospital interiors. We needed to design a full-featured medical cart that creates an ergonomic cockpit, softens the noise and improves the aesthetic of patient rooms, enabling caregivers to thrive. In light of the evolving global health situation, this new product serves the growing demand for mobile medical carts with a hygienic, easy-to-clean design that supports infection control.

  • We design solutions based on a thorough, ethnographic process that’s both intentional and necessary. Seeing our caregivers as they conduct their life-changing work ensured that our team of industrial designers and engineers made the right choices in terms of features and functionality to solve the real challenges for users. A long development phase including research meetings in over 30 hospitals internationally with in-depth interviews and discussions. This allowed Ergotron to develop a total solution for caregivers. Uninhibited mobility and personalized features enables caregivers well-being, allowing memorable patient experiences and life-changing care.

  • Healing spaces are more than calming paint shades and soft lighting it’s every aspect of the room, including the technology and equipment necessary for treatment. We recognize that our products play a pivotal role in supporting healing spaces that help both patients and caregivers thrive—even when the unexpected happens.This prescriptive, detailed approach revealed insights that are now interwoven in our new, fully featured CareFit™ Pro Medical Cart. Walking alongside nurses across different shifts, seeing physicians at the patient bedside and interviewing caregivers to understand how technology helps or hinders their important work directly informed this next generation medical cart.

  • Patients pass through hospital doors to heal, yet hospital-acquired infections threaten this goal. Multiple design elements address these risks from easy-to-clean surfaces to optional UV Angel® technology for automated pathogen reduction clinically proven to reduce more than 99% of bacteria on surfaces. On-cart and hot-swap charging reduces power anxiety, giving caregivers reassurance throughout multiple shifts. Keeps the focus on patients. The simple design and sleek finishes effortlessly help dampen the noise that so often infiltrates calming environments. It moves easily to fit where it’s needed most, without disrupting the genuine relationships that support life-changing care. Caregivers face stressful, life-altering decisions and events. With this flexible cart, they can comfortably work sitting or standing with expansive height-adjustment keeping them physically and mentally prepared for whatever lies ahead. Expansive drawers and accessories are within an arm’s reach, allow uninterrupted work to support productivity and the highest quality of care. In today’s digital age, healthcare organizations need to make data-driven decisions. CareFit Pro uses eKinnex® software to track key metrics like battery life and drawer access in real time and keeping a fleet ready for when it’s needed, safely storing data in the cloud to seamlessly manage medical carts from a web browser.