Career Compass

  • 2014

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    Education Services

Designed By:

  • Suncorp

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Liberate eLearning


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The Career Compass was designed and built to support our leaders and team members, with the aim of being able to facilitate more meaningful conversations around development and career planning. The tool addresses specific people related needs for staff retention and career planning in leadership, specialist & generalist roles.

  • In addition to providing explanations about possible career types the Compass provides an interactive medium to explore and better understand the organisational structure, and the 37 competencies that apply to Commercial Insurance. Each competency has a clear definition of the expected skills or behaviours required at each proficiency level. Through using the Compass, staff can now visualise and compare roles based on a consistent language rather than titles and assumptions.

  • Finding opportunities is now easier than ever. Being able to search for roles by structure, by type (people leader vs specialist) or by competency is improving retention and reducing recruitment costs as staff can see opportunities that they just didnĂ•t know existed before. Once staff understand the expectations of their role they can easily self assess and identify development and career opportunities. The Compass allows staff to drive their own destiny. No longer dependent on leaders to know everything, they can explore in their own time, bookmarking roles or development opportunities to inform a development planning conversation with their leader.

  • The Compass is highly accessible and user friendly running on all modern internet browsers. There is no server side databases required. The Compass consolidates hundreds of job roles right across eight company divisions, with all the associated data stored in an Excel based editable format. This is then wrapped in SCORM so it can be published, managed, deployed and reported on through our Learning Management System.