Captis Recharge IoT

  • 2023

  • Engineering

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  • Kallipr

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Captis Recharge remotely monitors assets using IoT technology. It is used in water, commercial, rail and mining industries as an economical method of monitoring data in remote and harsh environments. It is designed to be the most flexible, long-lasting IoT device on the market.

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  • Industries worldwide are looking to IoT devices to digitise their existing networks and infrastructure. Most devices on the market provide daily or weekly data transmissions, with a device life up to 5 years. However, many companies require a device that operates in much harsher and remote environments, needs little to no maintenance, and can transmit data more frequently. The device needed signal coverage and stability in remote locations for secure and reliable data transmission, be rugged and durable to withstand extreme heat, water immersion and harsh conditions, and have dual power sources for frequent data transmissions without draining the battery.

  • Captis Recharge was designed for extreme edge IoT use cases. It is built to withstand extreme conditions, have a long device life, and provide the most frequent data transmission on the market. The device is IP68 Rated, so can withstand water, dust and extreme temperatures. It has multiple sensor inputs, tamper protection and both internal and external antenna, meaning it operates where no other device can. The unique design operates on rechargeable battery, solar or external DC power source – allowing for data transmission every 10 seconds without draining the battery, resulting in a 10+ year device life and no maintenance.

  • Captis Recharge monitors data and alerts when major events occur, allowing for proactive management and prevention. It has been used to reduce sewer overflows, stem major water leaks, increase safety on rail lines and prevent wastewater polluting waterways. Captis Recharge is an economical option that is scalable and gives businesses a viable solution to drive digitisation – no matter where their asset is. This ability to monitor areas that would previously be impossible to administer is where Captis Recharge really is unique – it opens the door to extreme data monitoring capability across the world and a more sustainable and future.

  • - Up to 9 programmable external I/O channels including digital, analog, serial, and 1-wire - Simultaneous data collection across all inputs - Internal rechargeable lithium battery offering up to 10+ years life - Connection to an external DC power source or Solar panel accessory - Device Management and Over-the-Air (OTA) Configuration via Captis Cloud (Cumulocity) or Azure IoT integration -Connectivity via LTE-M / NB1 (Cat-M1 & NB-IoT) -IP68 rated ruggedised enclosure -Tamper alarming upon enclosure opening -External SMA Connector to support GPS antenna -Internal and external antenna options with automatic switching functionality