CanopyIQ – Real Time Insights & Job Tracking for Australia’s Leading Specialist in Utility Maintenance Services

  • 2023

  • Digital
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For ETS, smart workforce management is connecting operations to outcomes with the most impact. CanopyIQ is a platform designed to allocate specialist crews to manage vegetation around Australia. CanopyIQ supports digital transformation away from paper and manual processes by allowing users to update progress across hundreds of jobs in real-time.

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  • ETS makes communities safer by maintaining the power infrastructures that keep our lights on and fridges running. To plan the work around these activities is complicated - there’s different workflows and approvals between clients and utilities services, mixed availability and expertise of geographically dispersed crews, travel time, risks at work sites, equipment and reporting to consider. Conduct’s challenge? Create a unified system that: – manages and standardises contracts – makes planning easier – fosters transparency through traceability and accountability – reduces downtime by taking a data-informed approach to task allocation – ensures complete coverage, QA and compliance across the network – creates a seamless, consistent user experience

  • Conduct worked with ETS to co-design the first iteration of CanopyIQ over a three month discovery phase. Developing and testing new ways to manage work strategically was the biggest opportunity. We made access to information easy through map-based interfaces, summary dashboards and personalised views. To ensure adoption, engagement and usability, a prototype was continually updated. User testing sessions helped to shape a tool that captures and translates data to take the guess-work out of planning. CanopyIQ is also allowing people to transfer and share their invaluable local knowledge about ETS clients’ network to more accurately tender for future work.

  • Today, CanopyIQ underpins all aspects of ETS’s work, from scoping to execution and QA. Since its release, CanopyIQ has helped to maintain and secure national contracts by providing clarity around scheduled works. The platform’s strength lies in its ability to simplify incredibly complex workflows that previously involved a mix of personal knowledge, marked-up physical maps, locally saved spreadsheets and inventive workarounds. Now, crews understand the work required to ensure network safety and can communicate progress transparently. CanopyIQ supports accountability right down to the individual - enabling the end to end work delivery cycle. Clients have complete visibility and reporting is easy.

  • CanopyIQ is based on over 15 years of continuous vegetation works management and was developed to simplify work for all users. ETS can now manage all of their clients in one place. Multi-tenancy enables all clients to exist within one instance of CanopyIQ - with program templates to facilitate client-specific requirements and a permission-based model to manage access. The system manages: - Programming / scheduling - Scoping / inspections - Work order approvals - Field works management - Quality / safety auditing - Program status - Customer reporting / invoicing - Process improvement / development Data collected allows oversight, transparency and historic record of vegetation management of the network, along with the interactions and experience of the residents who rely on it. A central repository of on-the-ground review and notes on the entire electricity network are helping crews and supervisors make informed scheduling decisions. Data security is chief for any system that handles IP, billing and resources. Conduct applied industry best practice methodologies including encryption of data in transit and data at rest, secure session management and authentication. We implemented access control management to limit data exposure through granular authorisation logic including tiered roles and customisable, needs-based access on a modular level.