Caloray Disc Heater

  • 2017

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    Domestic Appliances

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Caloray Pty Ltd

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Caloray Disc is the world’s first circular ‘non-glow’ heater which brings function and form together in an architectural and elegant product.

Designed to elegantly and effectively heat areas that are traditionally hard to heat, it gives architects and designers greater flexibility when considering the uses of the available space.

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  • The innovative shape of the circular Caloray Disc enables it to fit between other fixtures where current commercially available heaters cannot. The world's first non-glow circular element of the Caloray Disc accentuates the slimline elegance of the heater. The pendant shape of the Disc blends in unobtrusively from the ceiling. The Caloray Disc heater can be mounted in a multitude of indoor and outdoor applications where heat has been previously hard to apply. Available with a suite of accessories it is easy to install and effective in heating. Whole of life product design is also an important part of Caloray Disc. Useful life is rated in excess of 10,000 hours, twice the industry average.

  • In-house research and development used several techniques to produce the Caloray Disc. One example was the use of the large die cast technique, previously never used in this field. This enabled a more effective geometry, overcoming the issues of many of the existing products. In the development phase, aluminium spinning was used to find the shape and create the pendant like form. A key feature of the design is a novel assembly technique that increases the heat transfer out the front of the heater, improving its effectiveness. Another key development was the metal sheath over the element with the ceramic core. The use of custom made accurate tooling ensured consistency in the manufacturing process.

  • The no-glow feature of Caloray Disc ensures the room ambience is achieved with minimal intrusions. Simply, any living space can be safely heated with radiant, appealing and elegant Discs. Compatible with Home Automation and Auto-Off timing switches, Caloray is easy to use and flexible in installations. It is often impractical to heat the entire area. It leads to wasted heat and excess use of resources for no benefit. By having targeted radiant heat, directed where the people are, only a portion of a large space is heated. Caloray Disc is also quicker to heat than most fan forced convective heaters and is economical to use for as little as one hour. This makes it ideal for classrooms and studios.

  • The Caloray Disc heater has been designed, engineered and tested in Melbourne. With approvals for the key markets of Europe and Australia, it is certified for electrical safety from SAA and CE. It is also RoHS and EMC compliant. As part of the functionality of the heater, Caloray Disc is able to be installed outdoors without the need for a weather shield as it has been rated to IP53.

    Based in Melbourne and operating primarily in North America, the Caloray Disc sees the Caloray Group become a manufacturer, and strategically extending the Caloray brand to Europe and Australia. Opening of new markets has assisted the Caloray Group become more viable as seasonal variability is reduced. As 6 Star buildings and renewable energy sources become more common, electric heating like Caloray will become more prevalent. To fit within the current price points of the market and ensure a viable product, investment in tooling has reduced the cost of the product while improving quality through better repeatability.

    Convection heating works by heating the air and then moving the air around. This dries the air out and moves any airborne allergens. For those sensitive to allergens, such as asthmatics and the elderly, this can be an issue. Radiant heaters only heat objects and people in the direct path of the heater. The heat from Caloray Disc is gentle and feels like a warm summer's day as the heat is absorbed naturally by the skin. It is a pleasant experience especially when contrasted to the usual winter environment. Caloray Disc benefits from these radiant properties as it has been designed to operate within the optimum temperature range for the installed height.