• 2020

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

Designed By:

  • Hatchet
  • Flair Digital

Commissioned By:

Hatchet Pty Ltd

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The story of a small business owner’s ‘hero’s journey’ unfolds across the site, highlighted by the beautiful hero illustrations & subtle supporting animation.

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  • In an industry that often seeks to overwhelm the user and project negativity we wanted to cut through with transparency and an aspirational message that whatever the business's horizon, is it's reachable with the right guide. We needed to create awareness and build brand value around what 'growth marketing' is, why SME's should care and why we see it as the next evolution of digital marketing.

  • As a digital agency, we balanced the needs of UX/UI/SEO in a story-driven approach that captures the spirit & mission of the company. This is no portfolio website, the level of planning in user journey mapping was just as intensive as visual design considerations. We went with subtle animations throughout the site experience, leveraging the latest Lottie design format (created by Airbnb) to keeps these lightweight, as a second fiddle to the illustrations whilst still making the site feel tactile and alive. Tailwind CSS (another brand-new CSS framework) was used to minimise and streamline the CSS infrastructure of the site.

  • The fundamental behind this design is user empathy, the design is a reflection of our efforts to build a digital marketing service that better meets SME business needs for growth impact. To date, in the space of 3 months, the Bud site established itself as the organic search market leader in the 'growth marketing' segment. It's also the fastest growing 'digital marketing' website organically in the Perth market. This is a result of the length we went to not only map multiple streamlined user experiences based on entry points, but also match them to real user queries from Google.

  • In our 1.5 years of company history this project has propelled us to: - 3rd digital agency in Perth history to receive Webby Award honors (aesthetic design). - Current Australian Web Awards finalist (SEO & Small Business Website categories).