Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT Convertible Child Restraint

  • 2015

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  • Britax Childcare Pty Ltd

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Britax Childcare Pty Ltd

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Safe-N-Sound Platinum SICT is convertible Child Restraint for cars with the facility to connect to the vehicles ISOFIX low anchorages in seat bite or the vehicles seat belt. It is suitable babies from birth to approximately 12 months or up to 2 to 3 years of age in rear facing mode and then for children from approximately 12 months to approximately 4 years of age a forward facing mode. The occupant size is determined by shoulder height markers that provide instant feedback if a child needs to move to the next configuration or the next type of child restraint. It has recline facility for forward facing and easy to configure 6 point harness system. There is also superior side impact protection provided.

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  • The headrest adjusts using a lever at the top of the headrest and there is no need to uninstall the seat. This automatically adjusts the position of the shoulder straps so that they are positioned just above the child's shoulders. This ease of use allows parents to easily adjust the shoulder strap position avoiding incorrect use by lazy parents. The harness never has to be disconnected for removal of covers for washing nor to adjust the height of the shoulder straps. The harness and headrest system allows adjustment from newborns up to when the child reaches the upper shoulder height marker.

  • The system is made up of four air cushions which are vessels with a small exhaust hole. In the headrest there is a cushion that surrounds the head on 3 sides which cushions the head against crash impact forces on the inside of the headrest.. This air cushion and headrest is large enough to contain the child's head preventing it from directly contacting the vehicle structure beside the Maxi Guard. There are a further two air cushions one fitted to each side of the headrest to give a greater safety margin in extreme side crashes. The larger air cushions on the outside of the main seat moulding are intended to reduce the crash forces on the child's torso, the chest and the child's heart.

  • Platinum SICT is sold in 2 versions. One is installed with the cars seatbelt and the top tether strap. The other is an ISOFIX compatible version with a pair of straps with a connector with engagement indicator, adjuster and tension indicator. The top tether strap is still required to be fitted. There is also a seatbelt installation option for these ISOFIX compatible options which is required by the standard. ISOFIX compatible child restraints cannot exceed a mass of 10 kg. Platinum SICT ISOFIX Compatible provides a firmer installation in all vehicles compared with the seatbelt installation method. The ISOFIX version still needs to be capable of installation using the seatbelt.

  • The Platinum SICT is fitted to the car in rear facing mode deploying the patented sliding storable stabilising bar. The seat can be turned to forward facing once the child's shoulders reach either the lower shoulder height marker (approximately 12 months) or when the shoulders reaches the middle shoulder height marker (approximately 2 to 3 years of age). Once the Platinum SICT has been turned to face forward the child can continue to use the seat until the child's shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker that will cover approximately 95% of 4 years of age). This will mean older children will stay in this restraint until they their shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker.

    One of the problems when a child gets into their seat or they are placed in to the seat they sit on the buckle making it annoying to pull out from under the child. The seat is fitted with a patented flip forward buckle pad (called EZ-buckle system) which flips the buckle forward when the buckle tongues are released. Next time that the child gets in to the seat the buckle is still fitted forward and can be easily found to then engage the harness straps.

    The product will allow a parent to meet the Road Rules by allowing their child to be correctly restrained up to 4 years of age in rear facing mode then in the forward facing mode. Platinum SICT will fit 95% percentile children at 4 years of age so they can take full advantage of the 6 point harness before graduating to a booster seat. Many children will be older before they graduate. The product complies with the Australian & NZ Child Restraint Standard AS/NZS1754:2013 as a combination of Type A4 (a new type designation) and Type B child restraint and is certified by SAI-Global product certification scheme (5 tickmark).

    Other features, previously included in the Safe-n-Sound Meridian AHR and Tilt & Adjust which were awarded the Australian Design Award in 2006 and 2011 include seat belt lock-offs. The seat reclined into 4 positions in the forward facing mode using a frontal recline lever and had the patented latch to prevent excessive recline that is used for rear facing mode. The Platinum SICT now meets the 2013 Standard for Child restraints and has an improved headrest adjustment system, improved side impact protection including the introduction of Torso side impact protection.