BrewArt BeerDroid

  • 2018

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Commissioned By:

Coopers Brewery

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The BrewArt BeerDroid is the world’s first fully automated personal brewer and the primary appliance in the BrewArt system. The sleek kitchen top appliance allows users to brew their own pub quality beer at the touch of a button then monitor and control via an app on their smart phone.

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  • The BeerDroid’s technology is the first of its kind, bringing together the art, craft and science of artisan beer creation. The challenge was to design a sleek and sophisticated appliance aesthetic that would match its technological capabilities. The unit was to appeal to the modern beer drinker who treats beer selection and brewing as an artisanal process and journey of personal expression.

  • Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the BrewArt BeerDroid in gleaming chrome and matt black, sits confidently in any modern kitchen. The sweeping lines of the fermentation vessel integrate seamlessly with the modest control panel. The backlit LCD screen in rich amber, complements the golden liquid within evoking an emotional connection and sense of personal influence in what is to eventually be enjoyed by family and friends. This sophisticated machine is temperature controlled and brews 10 litres of quality beer; enabling the user to brew any beer style imaginable at pub quality, using BrewPrints and BrewArt Ingredients.

  • The BrewArt BeerDroid has modernised personal brewing and brought artisan beer production into modern lifestyles. The use of innovative technology through high-quality design has resulted in the emergence and acceptance of a new category of lifestyle appliance. The BeerDroid is not only appealing to the user, but to others in the household as well as family and friends; this beer crafting appliance is now a talking point to all who see it. Technology and function are beautifully integrated with style in the BrewArt BeerDroid.

  • 10 litre brew capacity has been considered to allow artisan brewing of many styles of craft beers, as enjoyed by today’s beer consumer. This sophisticated machine is temperature controlled, creating quality beer as intended by BrewPrint developers and Master Brewers at BrewArt HQ. Range of over 40 different beers styles currently available through BREWART.COM, natural ingredients can also be purchased separately, and brew programs customised. The BrewArt BeerDroid is WiFi connected allowing the user to monitor and control the brewing process via an app on their smart phone and allows them to upgrade firmware as brewing technologies develop. Patented end of fermentation (EOF) technology allows full automation of the brewing process, enabling the user to receive push notification of brewing milestones and when brewing is complete. Brew will enter automatic storage mode if user has not made a command after fermentation detection. Two-piece snap tap and flush drain allow for fuss free cleaning and preparation.