Breville Juice Fountain® Cold XL

  • 2018

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    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Group

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The Juice Fountain® Cold XL is Breville’s new flagship Juicer, Juicing more and storing more so you clean less, all within a compact footprint. It features an extra large 88mm feed chute for juicing whole fruits and vegetables, extracting 2L of nutrient rich juice 5 times faster than a ‘Cold Press’.

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  • Breville’s existing Juicer arrangement occupies a large visual space on the kitchen bench. Breville’s challenge was to create a compact Juicer occupying less space, yet provide exceptional juice extraction yields. This was achieved by elevating the juicer outlet nozzle, a patented design by Breville. We also sought to increase the feed chute size to 88mm, the largest on the domestic market, allowing the user to juice whole foods without the need for cutting them down in size. Another challenge was to reduce operational noise generated by the Juicer.

  • Less visual bench space is taken up with this Juicer, the Pulp Bin & Side Nozzle is rotated 90 degrees to create a new space saving format. Extensive prototyping was undertaken to reduce mechanical noise, allowing the user to juice at a quieter level. Breville has overcome the perception of cleaning as a barrier to juicing, increasing the jug volume. Juicing and storing more means the user cleans less. This has been made possible by elevating the juicer outlet nozzle, which is inherently difficult because the juice collection chamber is required to prevent juice exiting into the juicer pulp bin.

  • The Juice Fountain® Cold XL is significantly superior to any competitor offering with a deeper understanding of ‘Food Thinking’ using research & technical innovation this product empowers the user & makes improved nutrition through juicing more accessible. Breville has included the Juice Fountain® Cold XL as part of the new Luxe Collection. With mirror polished surfaces, premium materials & softer form, the Luxe Collection solidifies Breville as a world leader in the domestic kitchen appliances.

  • The Juice Fountain® Cold XL sets a benchmark for domestic juicers, unlike other Juicers in the category it features an extra-large 88mm Feed Chute for juicing whole fruits and vegetables. The unique Seal and Store 2L jug is incorporated for storing your juice in the fridge for up to 3 days. Breville’s innovative Cold Spin Technology™ creates juice through contact with a high speed stainless steel cutting disk, surrounded by an Italian made stainless steel mesh filter. This ensures an insignificant temperature increase, less than 1ºC, comparable to a ‘Cold Press’. The new control dial design makes it easy to adjust speed to the appropriate task, with a simple dial indicator allowing the user to rotate from quiet mode for soft produce, through to Boost mode for hard fruits and vegetables. Juicing on the quiet setting reduces mechanical noise by 40%. Included in the dial design is an Overload Protection indicator, providing feedback to the user to reduce their pushing force while juicing, for optimal performance. The Juice Fountain® Cold XL empowers users, allowing them to produce café quality juice at home, improving nutrition through more convenient access to fresh juice.