Breville Creatista Uno

  • 2018

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Breville Group

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The Breville Creatista Uno is a single serve espresso capsule machine featuring Breville's innovative automatic milk texturing technology. Breville Creatista Uno combines Nespresso’s portioned espresso coffee and Breville's milk texturing technology using an intuitive one touch interface providing the consumer with the simplest most enjoyable coffee experience.

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  • How do you create café style recipes even more conveniently? Breville has found that the majority of consumers gain significant enjoyment and engagement from, and actually prefer, pouring the milk onto the beverage themselves, versus having a machine do it for them. The least appealing part of the coffee process for consumers is dealing with coffee grounds and frothing the milk. The Breville Creatista Uno solves 3 core challenges: * Bringing an intuitive and engaging experience to the consumer. * Automating the most technically difficult aspects coffee extraction and milk texturing. * Easy to clean through Innovative design and construction.

  • The Breville Creatista Uno is a compact espresso machine combining a number of innovative design features. Intuitive interface; Intuitive One Touch button and illuminated surround design makes beverage preparation even simpler. Automated milk texturing; Simplifies milk texturing by injecting air through a venturi into the steam path to generate both fine micro foam texture and heat the milk at the touch of a button, hands free. Easy to clean; Breville Creatista Uno's steam wand is constructed to insulate the high internal temperatures from the exterior surfaces making it easy to clean with a single wipe of the sponge.

  • The Breville Creatista Uno combines Breville’s classic aesthetic with high quality materials and extensive life cycle testing which has proven the Breville Creatista Uno as a durable long lasting product, in both construction and aesthetic. To minimise environmental impact we have concentrated on best practice design principles, employing clip fastenings while reducing screw fastenings to the absolute minimum. The materials selected are highly recyclable and are appropriately labelled to assist in separation. The Breville Creatista Uno has been awarded an A+++ Swiss Energy Rating. Power usage is 50% below the total allowable energy consumption.

  • Automatic systems are plagued with cleaning issues, especially the steam wand. With repeated use of the steam wand to texture milk the steam wand can experience gradual reduction in efficiency. The Breville Creatista Uno is able to detect the restriction using a sensor that detects the flow of the air/ steam mixture, enabling the interface to display a warning the steam path is becoming restricted. In combination with a Printed maintenance guide on the water tank that gives step by step instructions to return the system to within optimal operating conditions. Making the Breville Creatista Uno intuitive and simple to use.