Breville BBL910 The Boss Superblender

  • 2014

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Breville Group Pty Ltd

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Breville Group Pty Ltd

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Some blenders (liquidizers) are limited by their inability to blend without adding liquids. How do you increase the versatility of a blender and give it the ability to process ingredients without adding liquid? The Boss™ Superblender incorporates patented Pro-Kinetix™ technology. Extra wide stainless steel tri-blades are offset to a hemispherical surface eliminating all dead zones. Sweeper blades that shred and whip, leaving food nowhere to hide. Central blades also crush and chop for velvety cocktails, aerating for creamier smoothies.This results in a continual folding action, guaranteeing an even well blended texture, even dry and whole ingredients are broken down.

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  • The Boss™ has variable speed control, two stir speeds, five pre-programmed settings and pause, giving you complete control to create exceptionally uniform blends from whole ingredients or dry ingredients no matter the recipe. The system is coupled to a powerful 2200W motor to crush the hardest ingredients whilst smart electronics provide full control down to the slowest speeds to finesse the more delicate recipes. It has power to break down whole ingredients and the ability to fold and aerate without splitting emulsions. The stir speeds allow for folding of dry and wet ingredients without throwing outwards to the jug walls.

  • Clever electronic speed control adjusts under the varying loads to ensure constant RPM speeds for even blending and consistency. Essential feedback is shown on the back lit LCD display, providing speed information; count up and down timer, safety feedback should the unit become overloaded. Program controls ensures consistent results and removes any guesswork from any blending task, as well as built in safety features such as the anti steam cavitation feature in soup program that prevent steam pockets bubbling and breaking at the surface. The fully sealed wipe clean control panel & magnetic control dial facilitate quick and easy cleaning.

  • Co-polyesters inherent characteristics made it suitable to manipulate wall thicknesses, balancing strength and durability with a premium aesthetic. It has allowed Breville to fully integrate the Pro-Kinetix™ system which has resulted in a jug with integrated blades that is dishwasher safe, with exceptional clarity and BPA free. The lid incorporates food safe seal with four integrated outer clamps that fit snuggly onto the jug ensuring no spills or lid popping off and needing the user to attend to the blender. The ring pull design also allows easier lid removal and the filler caps integrated steam vent permits steam release.

  • The blenders patented hybrid drive coupling design and the blender base extensive use of soft elastomers dampen vibration to minimise noise from the blender making it a pleasure to use. Integral in the power base of the blender are electronic safety interlocks that ensure the blender will not operate without the presence of the jug ensuring a safer product.