Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • 2023

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    Domestic Appliances

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The new Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum from Bosch features an innovative 90-degree bendable Flex Tube that delivers unparalleled ergonomic cleaning. Ultra-convenient functions such as the Nozzle Foot Release for quick overhead cleaning, an Easy Parking Clip and a Quick Stand position transform the chore of vacuuming into a joyful experience.

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  • The design challenges that the Unlimited 7 succeeds in resolving are long-standing frustrations with vacuuming that revolve around ergonomic strain and inefficiency in regards to cleaning results and also operational processes. Until now it had been notoriously difficult to clean beneath furniture without bending down and causing strain. There were also ergonomic concerns about bending down when needing to switch between cleaning modes. Another common frustration that this design addresses is to do with dirt getting missed in dark corners or tight and hard to reach spaces due to poor visibility and not enough flexibility in the appliance.

  • The Unlimited 7 succeeds in demonstrating how effortless vacuuming can be. With the innovative Flex Tube, the vacuum bends at a 90-degree angle, allowing superior ergonomics even when cleaning under furniture. The Nozzle Foot Release removes the need to bend down when detaching the nozzle to release it for overhead or spot cleaning, while the AllFloor DynamicPower brush with integrated LED floor lights means no dust or crumbs are missed when cleaning. If you need a break while vacuuming, the easy parking clip is designed to securely park the vacuum at the edge of a chair, table or benchtop.

  • The design impact of the Unlimited 7 affects every person who has at one point or another experienced frustration with vacuuming. It has been designed with convenience in mind and is the epitome of what easy and flexible cleaning can be. With ergonomic comfort a key factor in the design process, no longer will vacuuming cause physical strain on the body. Clever features have also been incorporated to make the process more efficient, which results in vacuuming taking less time. And if vacuuming takes less time and less strain, then there’s more time to enjoy the rest of the day.

  • The Unlimited 7 range incorporates four models, the premium ProPower model (BCS712FCAU) including a second battery and quick charger for extended runtime. The exchangeable battery in the full range is compatible with the Bosch Home and Garden 18-Volt cordless system. With the intuitive 3-step power mode, there is no need to continuously press the power button to operate the vacuum. ‘Eco’ mode provides extensive runtime, ‘Auto’ automatically adjusts the power based on the floor type, and ‘Turbo’ excels with ultimate performance and cleaning results. With cleaning possible on all levels, you can clean up every kind of dirt, from the floor to the ceiling – even in your car. The lightweight TurboSpin motor boasts a high performance of up to 66,000rpm and a 10-year motor guarantee. The handheld unit weighing only 1.4kg for effortless cleaning. Each model equipped with varying included accessorries. The ProPower(BCS712FCAU) includes 2 x 3.0Ah 18V batteries; a quick charger; 2in1 furniture brush and upholstery nozzle; long flexible crevice nozzle; mattress nozzle; short crevice nozzle; docking station for convenient storage of the appliance and accessories and for easy charging with the charging cable. The Unlimited 7 offers power, made easy, with unlimited flexibility.