Bosch Series 8 Accent|Line Induction Cooktops

  • 2023

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Bosch Series 8 accent|line induction cooktops represent the pinnacle of modern cooking technology, seamlessly blending exceptional design, thoughtful user interfaces, and premium features including PerfectFry and MoveMode. With innovative safety features and a sleek, stylish look, this range offers a safe, smart and efficient way to cook like a pro.

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  • The design challenge was to create a safe, sustainable and powerful cooking solution that would be easy to use with value-added features. The goal was to create a cooktop that not only meets the functional needs of users but also enhances their overall cooking experience. With kitchen design requiring the perfect balance between innovation and stylish aesthetics, there was also a need to balance premium technology and finishes with state-of-the-art safety features.

  • The Bosch Series 8 accent|line induction cooktops addressed the design brief by offering a safe and powerful cooking experience. The sleek and minimalist design aligns with black kitchen trends, while the metal side trims not only offer timeless design, but also protection from pots and pans. The DirectSelect Premium interface is easy to use and read, and the power boost function ensures faster cooking times. The PerfectFry sensor provides precise frying results and FlexZones in most models offer the ultimate flexibility for various pan sizes. These features exceed the design brief and provide a premium and efficient cooking experience.

  • Bosch induction cooktops have a positive impact on the environment and end-users. With induction technology, the cooktops are more energy efficient and safer than other types of cooktops, and can also be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar. Bosch induction cooking offers innovative cooking solutions such as PerfectFry and MoveMode, which are not possible on other types of cooktops. The exceptional design, thoughtful user interface and premium technology paired with innovative safety features make Bosch induction cooking safe, smart and efficient, while the sleek styling of the cooktop adds to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

  • DirectSelect Premium is a key feature of the Series 8 accent|line induction cooktops, offering users a wide touch panel for ultimate control. The spacious design and easy-to-read interface makes managing your cooktop settings extra convenient. With a simple touch, users can select their desired cooking zones, power levels, and added options. When switched off, the interface discreetly disappears, allowing for seamless integration into any kitchen aesthetic. DirectSelect Premium is approximately half the width of the appliance and the large size of the touch panel ensures that users can easily select their settings without any confusion, allowing for precise and effortless control over the cooking process. Bosch also provides the option of metal trims in black or stainless steel. The black metal trim creates a more seamless look, while the stainless steel provides a slightly more traditional appearance, both of which remain understated and elegant. Model PXV890DV5E comes with glass protect, a unique coating that protects the glass from scratching, ensuring that the cooktop maintains its pristine appearance for longer. Overall, these features contribute to the exceptional design and functionality of the Bosch Series 8 accent|line induction cooktops, making them a top choice for those seeking premium technology and sleek design.