Bond Lounge

  • 2015

  • Architectural

Designed By:

  • Hachem

Commissioned By:

The Collective Establishment Pty Ltd

Designed In:


When Melbourne’s Bond bar was repurchased, its new owners made the unconventional move of re-engaging the venue’s original designer to overhaul his own acclaimed concept.
The bar’s signature curves and classic glamour were retained, while furnishings and features were radically updated, and innovative technologies seamlessly integrated.

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  • Disability initiatives include access to a problematic site, the entire bar service area is designed specifically to benefit of wheelchair and ambulant patrons and possibly the most opulent disabled toilet in Melbourne, enabling freedom of access for those who are otherwise alienated from such experiences. An Induction Loop, a specialized auditory system was installed for the hearing impaired, further including a portion of the population that often are excluded from such superlative experiences.

  • Bond's owners wanted its character to be modern, and made once again synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Drawing guests out of themselves, to mingle with the 'in' crowd. The Studio worked to define the values, ideas and philosophy of the nightclub genre. Perhaps the most consistent theme being a means to escape from daily life, a fantasy and heightening of the senses. Bond is a sub-ground cocoon, built within an off-form concrete car-park. Its height, an internal series of support columns and concrete slab are fixed. Seating created within the grid of columns disguises their regularity. The curvature of the walls was made more undulating, with reflective surfaces giving a sense of fluidity and vastness.

  • The designer and his studio enhanced the venue's functionality - implementing additional bars, discrete VIP entryways, a Green Room, and trans-formative spaces that can be opened for events or isolated for private functions. They worked with engineers and specialist manufacturers to develop customized furnishings. Constraints such as the low ceiling and a fixed series of support columns were used to advantage. Bond is now exemplary of a compact venue that is nonetheless dynamic.

  • In the conceptual phase of the project, the designers analysed not only the original venue but also the nightclub archetype. By creating a multi-functional space, Bond is now capable of catering to a wider variety of clientele. The venue can now cater to very high end clients or to those wanting a one off rock star experience. As the space was reinvented, additional space was created increasing capacity, thus creating more clients through the door. The unique cocoon-like shape has created a new brand awareness, elevating Bond to a new wider range of client.

    Designers sourced efficient technology, deconstructed the mechanics, and reassembled the components inside a succession of rib-like divisions in the bar's walls and ceiling. Lighting and sound can be programmed or controlled live at various consuls - defining the mood, the pace, the colour of Bond - in a heartbeat. Sound fills the room while lights arc and ripple, in play with all surfaces. Working with engineers and specialist manufacturers to develop customised furnishings.