BOLO Forklift Vision

  • 2014

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Ideal Industrial

Commissioned By:

AVSS Group Pty Ltd

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The BOLO (Be On The Look Out) forklift mirror system eliminates critical blind spots in the driver’s vision and gives a clear view of the tines, reducing accidents, injury and damage to goods. Fitting forklifts up to ten tons, the system can be factory or retro fitted. It is more reliable, easier to use and robust than camera systems and gives a bigger, more intuitive field of view – like a car mirror system, only looking forwards.

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  • BOLO allows forklift operators to see around tall loads. Best practice when the driver's forward vision is blocked, is to either have a spotter, i.e. an additional person walking ahead of the forklift, or to drive in reverse. The former is expensive, slow, and places another person in harm's way; the latter leads to a very uncomfortable driving position that causes pain and injury over the long term. BOLO removes the blind-spot directly in front of the driver of a fully loaded forklift.

  • A massive amount of stock is damaged every year, skewered by incorrectly positioned forklift tines. BOLO gives a clear view of the tines and allows the operator to position the forklift accurately before driving it home.

  • BOLO's large field of view can be further adjusted to prioritise the tines, or the forward view. Some operators choose to have one mirror focus on the tines, the other around the load... It's up to them.

  • Forklifts are commercial vehicles that have to operate quickly in tight spaces and with heavy loads. BOLO is not just robustly engineered from tough materials, but incorporates a series of (patent pending) break-away clutches that allow the impact resistant mirrors to move out of the way in case of collision - be that a wall, a container, or somebody's head. They then just pop-back into their pre-set position, keeping drivers working without interruption.

    Industry demand for BOLO has been massive - camera systems on the market are rightly perceived as difficult to install and maintain, awkward to use, fragile, and easily blinded. Drivers have voted with their fingers and are leaving camera systems switched off. BOLO works equally well transitioning from container yard to a warehouse, from direct sunshine to dim interior. Rapid temperature changes from refrigerated warehouses to tropical outdoors does not fog-up the system*. There is no delicate camera, wiring or monitor. A low sun does not blind the system; BOLO works in real time, with real light. *Heated version.