Blum AVENTOS HF Bi-Fold Lift System

  • 2014

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Blum Australia Pty Ltd

Commissioned By:

Blum Australia Pty Ltd

Julius Blum GmbH

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AVENTOS HF is Blum’s bi-fold lift solution for two-part wall cabinet fronts. AVENTOS HF brings ease of motion to high and mid wall cabinets, with even large and heavy fronts opening with the utmost ease. Closing is silent and effortless with integrated BLUMOTION soft-close. Create handle-less designs when combined with SERVO-DRIVE electronic opening. AVENTOS HF is especially practical as it offers the furniture user full freedom of movement and unhindered cabinet access, a great advantage over doors. AVENTOS HF lift systems offer proven stability, variable stop capability and elegant design – enhancing user convenience for wall cabinets.

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  • AVENTOS HF allows you to combine different materials for the lift system front offering greater freedom of design. Whether furniture users want wooden fronts, narrow or wide aluminium frames, combinations of different materials or even fronts of different heights, AVENTOS HF can meet these individual requirements. The elegant design achieved by the AVENTOS HF two-part front, aligns with future furniture design trends towards continuing the clean, horizontal lines from base cabinets to overhead cabinets by replacing doors with lift systems. Thanks to the two-part front, AVENTOS HF takes up minimal space ensuring even tall cabinet heights can be accommodated.

  • Variable stop ensures lift fronts stop when let go and remain in this position, preventing the front from flying out of reach supporting ergonomic considerations and ultimate user convenience. AVENTOS HF moves up and out of the users' way allowing easy unhindered access to cabinet interiors and better workflows; hands are free and access is optimised. AVENTOS HF offers an ergonomic solution to wall cabinets over doors, by being easy to open, irrespective of the size or weight of the front, gliding up and out of the workspace. There is no need for bending and weaving around cupboard doors.

  • AVENTOS HF - the highest quality soft-closing lift mechanism; for confidence in the quality and reassurance of tested products. BLUMOTION soft-close adapts itself to size, weight and speed of the closing AVENTOS HF front; ensuring a superior quality of motion with closing always silent and effortless. Our goal is to ensure our fittings provide comfort and function to furniture buyers for as long as the furniture is used. AVENTOS HF is engineered to provide for problem-free-use of the furniture during its lifetime. We achieve this by using the strictest internal guidelines forming the basis for our ISO9001 quality management system.

  • AVENTOS HF can be assembled with ease thanks to the combination of proven CLIP technology and INSERTA boss assembly, making the process almost entirely tool-free; optimising manufacturing time. A power drill is all that's required for adjusting the lift mechanism in precise accordance with the front weight to achieve optimal function. Fronts can be conveniently adjusted in three dimensions - height, side and tilt - achieving precise gap alignment and perfect design. Using the innovative CLIP top centre hinge prevents fingers getting caught in the bi-fold.

    Handle-less design is possible for AVENTOS HF lift systems with the addition of SERVO-DRIVE electronic opening support. SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS allows the cabinet front to open effortlessly with a gentle touch anywhere on the front. To close, simply press the easy-to-access, ergonomically positioned button inside the cabinet. Users enjoy a mesmerising experience with enhanced comfort and freedom of motion. SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS HF has a few components which are easy to attach and can be precisely adjusted. In a few simple steps, SERVO-DRIVE can be assembled and put into operation. SERVO-DRIVE can be deactivated whilst furniture remains fully functional.