BlueAnt PUMP HD Sportbuds

  • 2014

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    Consumer Electronics

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BlueAnt Wireless


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Delivering unrivalled audio for intense activity and extreme conditions, PUMP provides audiophile-grade sound from up to 30 metres way from any Bluetooth-compatible device. Pump is also the only set of earbuds to carry the IP67 waterproof distinction – allowing them to be submerged in up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes without risk to the premium components encased in PUMP’s military-grade design. Rugged to survive rain, sweat, dust and debris – you can even give it a quick rinse under the tap at the end of workouts. Complete freedom of movement so you can train anywhere, anytime, without wires.

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  • PUMP redefines Bluetooth audio with AAC and aptx support to create an audiophile-grade music experience unmatched by wired or wireless rivals. Thundering bass, smooth mids, crisp treble, and sharp, yet subtle highs, together comprise Energize HD Audio. A 12.5mm custom tuned driver with cutting-edge voice coil, powerful neodymium magnets and advanced cone materials deliver pristine yet pounding rhythm to power your workouts for those who let the beat set the pace. There is even a microphone with noise reduction and echo cancellation so you can take calls when you on the go or to access Siri and Google Now.

  • Kevlar shielding and a Teflon coating to ensure the PUMP provides a fully waterproof solution. Designed to let you move where the music takes you no matter what the weather or environmental conditions the PUMP, with its fully waterproof IP67 rating will keep pace with you even in the most punishing workouts. No rain, sweat, dust or debris will enter your PUMP during training and you can simply rinse it under a tap when you are finished. While the PUMP is not designed for swimming, it will survive a dunk in the pool.

  • Crystal clear audio up to 30 metres from your Bluetooth-compatible device. Rock solid connectivity and range establish the PUMP as the new benchmark for streaming audio performance. No stutter, no drop outs just smooth pumping music to keep your working at your optimum. There is no need to have your phone attached to you at all while you workout. Total wireless freedom of movement so you can train with complete confidence and tangle-free safety wherever you go.

  • Easy to wear wraparound form factor for all day comfort. Three sizes of ComfortSeal ear tips to ensure you get the best seal, and therefore the best sound, from your PUMP - so you can stay focussed and block out the world. When you are outside in traffic make use of the custom Awareness tips to ensure you can safely hear your surroundings. There are even stabilizers included so when you want to get vertical the PUMP stays put, even when you defy gravity.

    Up to 8 hours of play time from one charge. An average week's workout on a single charge with a full charge in less than two hours. We have also included rapid charge so you get 50% charge in just 30 minutes. Our energy efficient design means you get a massive 2 weeks standby time so the PUMP is ready whenever you need it.