Blue Monkey

  • 2014

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Cobalt Niche

Commissioned By:

Spears Pacific

Designed In:


Whilst we seldom think about all the power outlets (GPO’s) and light switches we have around us, each one of these ubiquitous devices must be accurately marked out by electricians so that they are positioned as specified and level. Manual marking and leveling inevitably leads to either a loss of quality or additional time spent on this otherwise tedious task. Blue Monkey reduces the time, cost and rework of marking out while also improving quality and accuracy, as this is a routine task that may be repeated hundreds of times on a project.

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  • An innovative approach was required when designing the centre grip. Initial design problems indicated that your fingers interfered with the path of the pencil when holding the centre grip. Rethinking the grip entirely (realising that an edge would provide a better grip for finger tips than a surface) led to a new 'floating' grip that provides a finger position well clear of the pencil path, without increasing overall size. The separation of the grip delivered a further bonus in allowing the application of contemporary styling and signature colour not possible on the functional transparent mark-out plane.

  • The design of a tool used by tradespeople had to be robust in construction and have everyday use in mind with distinctive 'tools of the trade' aesthetic's. The one way clip allows the Blue Monkey to be made in two parts and clicked together making it simple to assemble, eliminating the need for any screws or glue. The ability to click in various international size base plates, allows the Blue Monkey to be used in other countries.

  • The transparent base plate allows the user to see measurements or markings on a surface easily and quickly through the base plate without having to move the tool away from the surface.

  • The centre side markings on the transparent base plate allow the user to space power outlets and switches equally apart. By making a mark next to the center side markings and using the Blue Monkey's base plate size as a measuring device, you are able to achieve a perfect space between outlets which is level, accurate and aesthetically pleasing.