• 2014

  • Architectural

Designed By:

  • At Work with Camira Ltd

Commissioned By:

At Work with Camira Ltd

Designed In:

United Kingdom

Blazer felt is a commercial upholstery fabric, available in 60 colourways. It is made from 100% Laneve branded wool and is sustainably produced, so much so that it is traceable back to individual farms in the South Island of New Zealand. This together with the equally sustainable manufacturing practices of Camira Fabrics, the largest global commercial textile supplier, ensures that EU Ecolabelled Blazer, is the best of the best. With its soft, compacted felted finish it is the key upholstery felt used in the Commercial market by Architects, Designers and Furniture manufacturers.

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  • Due to the yarn coming from the first lambs shear, Blazer has a unique soft handle compared to that of it's competitor products. This compacted felted fabric has a martindale rub test of 50,000 with a guarantee of minimum 5 years. This makes it an ideal choice for any Commercial furniture application.

  • Blazer felt comes in 60 brilliant colourways including deeply dyed solids as well as a tasteful selection of melange shades. This gives Designers, Architects and manufacturers alike a huge colour palette to work with ensuring that the product co-ordinates well with other commercial finishes.

  • This composition has significant benefits-not only does Blazer have an excellent durability but it is naturally flame retardant due to its high moisture and nitrogen content. Being wool in composition it can also significantly enhance the environment of any interior. Air contaminants, particularly VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) can be removed by wool absorption. Wool enjoys a natural cell structure, making it a 'feel good' breathable fibre which can also absorb and evaporate moisture for total user comfort, while its natural crimp prevents flattening and resists wear.

  • Being a preferred choice for architects and designers, Blazer felt wool with all its attributes ensures suitability for any Office Commercial, Education, Retail or Hospitality fit-out. It's natural stretch makes it suitable not only for task/ergonomic furniture but also for all mid and large size collaborative type pieces of furniture that are commonly used in commercial fit-outs today.