• 2019

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    Housewares and Objects

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SN Vilards Pty Ltd

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The simple process of lighting a fire is not that simple. It often happens that you light a fire in your fireplace, barbecue or outdoors in a fire pit, only to find that it has gone out. Blazaball was developed through sheer frustration and has changed the game.

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  • The brief asked for a ball-shaped, cost effective, reusable device that would not burn up, would maintain its form and would hold firelighters of all kinds. Manufacturing a mass-producible item at very low cost needed lateral thinking. All types of possibilities were considered before a simple, single component, stamped out disc turned into a Blazaball. Designing the Blazaball was not just designing a product, it was designing a manufacturing process using a roll of stainless steel sheet and known methods for punching, pressing and forming delivered the end result.

  • The solution to the challenges was found in a small, stainless steel cage with room for fire lighters to be placed inside to prevent suffocation. The durable steel material can be reused up to 80 times and is strong enough not to be crushed by any material placed on top of it, allowing users to head for thicker, longer lasting logs. Strategically designed air holes in the Blazaball allow steady oxygen flow to the flame to enable it to light the material of choice.

  • Since its market launch in late 2018 the Blazaball has performed beyond expectation. The simplicity and effectiveness of the Blazaball is what makes it so identifiable as a product. Consumers know the problem and have found the solution. The packaging and branding are so complimentary that it is not hard to see why the product has been received in leaps and bounds.

  • The Blazaball is really just one component, shaped like a bowl. Two halves form a ball to create the space for the fire lighters. The clever connection method epitomizes simplicity in design and function.