Blanco Subline700U-Level

  • 2014

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Shriro Australia Pty Ltd

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Shriro Australia Pty Ltd



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The impressive SUBLINE700U-Level is the ideal solution for busy lifestyles, maximising kitchen space without compromising beauty or performance. The super single bowl is a designer’s choice for today’s contemporary kitchen designs, but some homeowners are still more comfortable with a divided bowl for food preparation. The SUBLINE700U-Level offers the advantages of both designs with a pleasing and spacious single bowl look that has a raised platform for food preparation. The best of both worlds, the BLANCO SUBLINE700U-Level sink delivers single and double bowl performance with an integrated second level and stainless mesh colander for effortless draining, drying and depositing.

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  • Designer sink in SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II - with integrated functions level. Never again will you have to choose between form and function. The unique bowl design combines striking aesthetics with ultimate durability, providing both single and double bowl functionality. The raised functional level within the bowl allows for placement of the multi-functional stainless steel basket to rinse fruits, vegetables and utensils. There's plenty of room in the generous bowl for extensive cooking pleasure - even with bulky items. Functional drain grooves remove excess water into main sink- ideal for draining and drying. You can prep, cook, clean and be done.

  • BLANCO SUBLINE700U-Level is the perfect solution for those with limited space and an eye for style. The single bowl sink with two level configuration and custom accessories make it easy to keep things in order. From the versatile and functional glass cutting board and stainless steel colander that can manoeuvre across the entire width of the sink, to the stainless steel basket that is matched perfectly to the functional level - providing optimum space utilisation for any kitchen. Each component is well thought through and compliments each other in concept, material and quality to make kitchen life efficient and comfortable.

  • Available in anthracite and white finishes, the colours match any kitchen ambience. The neutral tones harmonise perfectly with any benchtop as well as emphasise contrasts and special features. SILGRANIT anthracite is a chic, elegant black metallic shade with a velvety surface. Soft metallic pigments in association with the shine of graphite, precursor to the diamond. Clear and puristic colour that will match perfectly with a wide variety of benchtop designs. SILGRANIT brilliant bright white is pure and clear. A distinctive colour with a wide range of options for combining. Both anthracite and white sinks coordinate perfectly with SILGRANIT™ look taps.

  • The new outstanding properties and the advanced material technology of SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II provides a composite sink which is exceptionally easier to care for than ever before. BLANCO holds nine exclusive patents for SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II, which makes this material the only one of its kind in the world. SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II consists of 80% granite, which makes it unbeatably resilient, extremely durable, scratch proof, heat resistant, unbreakable and acid resistant. Further confirmation of the outstanding properties of SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II comes in the form of three quality certificates from the LGA Nuremberg, an independent, internationally recognised institute.

    Like all SILGRANIT™ PuraDur™ II sinks, the BLANCO SUBLINE700U-Level features a unique patented hygiene protection formula that creates an antibacterial finish on the surface. BLANCO's HYGIENE+PLUS not only shields against dirt and bacteria, the closed surface stays cleaner, without the need for abrasive cleaning agents. Independent laboratory tests confirm that the unique built-in hygiene protection reduces bacterial growth by an average of 98%. The unique IF rim, also marries visually with the hygienic C-overflow an elegant, permanently hygienic, stainless steel safe cover. The stainless steel flap simply unclips for cleaning, and clips back into place when required.