Blade Table and Workstation System

  • 2014

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    Furniture and Lighting

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  • ThinkingWorks

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The Blade table and workstation system provides a fully flexible and complete solution for workplace environments. With a visibly light aesthetic, Blade is structurally strong and incorporates integrated cable management through the internal chamber of the leg. Blade is available as a table base including folding conference tables through to large boardroom tables, as well as a bench workstation with integrated power, data, screening and storage as well as short term ‘touch down’ workpoints. Blade is available in a variety of house finishes: neutral powder coat, distinctive coloured powder coat and a range of specialised timber veneers with optional matching top.

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  • All Blade fixed table and workstation legs feature integrated cable management through the internal chamber of the leg which allows both power and data cabling to be carried from floor level up to the workstation as unobtrusively as possible. On the table products individual power and data clips allow for cabling to be carried along the underside of the worktop of frame to the powerboxes integrated into the table worktop in one of three unique Blade shapes. Clip-in segregated cable baskets are provided for the workstation for easy transfer up to a powerblade or down into an umbilical style connection.

  • Blade fixed tables feature a uniquely designed 'point-to-point' hub system. Hubs are positioned towards worktop corners and/or beneath worktop joins with steel rails running between them offering both worktop support and frame stability. Using simple pre-defined design rules worktops of almost any shape and size can be supported including elliptical, boat shape, D-end and racetrack shaped tables. For smaller worktops a free floating hub is available for mounting at any location and removes the need for support rails completely. For unusually shaped tables an adjustable hub is available, allowing rails to follow the worktop shape at any angle.

  • Blade is available in a range of house finishes: neutral and specialty coloured powdercoats, bright chrome and specialised timber veneers. Table tops are constructed from environmentally preferable e1 board in laminate colours with a variety of edging options. Legs can be veneered to match the worktop veneer precisely for a uniform table finish. Glass worktops are available for a wide range of fixed tables. This way designers and clients are offered the opportunity to customise and personalise the product in a unique way. Online configuration tools allow users to mix and match finishes and view photorealistic images of their product.

  • The accessory rail runs along the rear edge of all workstation workpoints and provides both structural alignment for the workstation frame as well as a means of speeding installation in time critical setup environments. The accessory rail is designed to allow a multitude of common fixtures for standard upholstered or acoustic screen panels and storage items for binders, documents and personal items that can be interchanged and secured quickly to prevent accidental release. Further, the rail provides the custom profile that allows for the swift installation of cable baskets.

    The use of standard steel profiles ensures that all unique Blade components can be shipped to international markets (for example workstation leg assemblies and accessory rails) whilst support rails can be sourced and cut to the appropriate size at a local fabrication facility, negating the need to ship finished components over long distances at increased cost. Workstation rail lengths are common across both double and single sided products as well as end and centre worktop sections, and are simply slid into place and locked up rigidly thus quickening and simplifying installation where time is critical and eliminating assembly confusion.