Blackmagic SmartView 4K

  • 2015

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Blackmagic Industrial Design Team

Commissioned By:

Blackmagic Design

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SmartView 4K is a professional broadcast monitor designed for a range of video production environments. It is the world’s first Ultra HD broadcast monitor with 12Gb per second Serial Digital Interface connections for high speed decoding of 4K signals. Costing less than $2000, it is a professional yet affordable monitoring and diagnostic tool, essential in any Ultra HD video production workflow.

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  • Bulky and unattractive, broadcast monitors have traditionally been confined to standard 19” rack mounted applications. SmartView 4K's ultra-thin profile and minimal aesthetic mean it is as comfortable on the wall of a high-end studio control room as it is in the cramped quarters of a broadcast news van. Compact enough to fit into a standard fly-away kit, transportation is highly efficient. With a 12V DC connection, it can be powered by battery, making it ideal for on-set monitoring in remote locations. With uninterrupted monitoring crucial to the success of any live multi-camera workflow, SmartView 4K's side-mounted professional connections ensure secure retention of important cabling, even under vibration.

  • In high pressure, dimly lit studios or outside broadcast vans, error-free monitoring and diagnostic control is critical. The full resolution Ultra HD display is enhanced by an intuitive backlit control panel, providing an unprecedented level of local access to technical data like colour balance and image noise. Software control also allows precise colour calibration between multiple monitors remotely via a single laptop.

  • The precision CNC machined aluminium fascia communicates a refined sense of perceived quality rare in industrial grade broadcast equipment. While visually impressive, it is more importantly designed with strength and usability in mind, providing rigid rack mounting and a secure anchor for the strong internal chassis. An angled control interface offers improved ergonomics, while an anodised satin finish provides tactile contrast to high-grip silicone buttons, minimising operator errors in high pressure live production scenarios.

  • With demanding Ultra HD workflows putting significant and prolonged thermal stress on monitoring equipment, it was vital that an appropriate cooling solution was found. Utilising enhanced natural convection, SmartView 4K's lightweight, tapered rear enclosure has been specifically designed to facilitate optimal airflow in confined spaces. Considering the rear enclosure as an integral part of the overall design was an important aesthetic decision, which has enhanced the versatility of SmartView 4K. Mounted to an articulated monitor arm via the integrated VIESA mount points, broadcasters can even use it for on-camera applications like news desks.

    In order to meet an affordable price point below $2000 while maintaining the exceptional build quality expected in Blackmagic products, it was necessary for meaningful efficiencies in part count, assembly and shipping cost to be found. Just two major components form the strong, lightweight enclosure of SmartView 4K. Every other sub-assembly fixes directly to these parts, improving build efficiency and ensuring excellent fitment for exceptionally high perceived quality.

    On busy, high pressure live production sets and mobile outside broadcast vehicles, secure mounting is critical to prevent damage to equipment and injury to personnel. With a rigid CNC machined aluminium fascia and secure rear fixing points, SmartView 4K is specifically designed with this in mind, providing failsafe mounting for a range of applications. Exported to 87 countries, SmartView 4K also complies with all relevant safety standards and regulations, including AS/NZS 60950, FCC, CE, RCM, WEE & ROHS.