Blackmagic Design – Mini Panel

  • 2018

  • Digital

Commissioned By:

Blackmagic Design

Designed In:


The Mini Panel is a color grading control surface used in conjunction with the post-production software DaVinci Resolve. Although DaVinci Resolve is a powerful standalone tool, adding the new Mini Panel lets you work even faster, while dramatically expanding your creative options.

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  • Create a navigation system for the Panel Mini that is simple to comprehend, quick to navigate through, and consistent with language, function and aesthetics. The user interface design should reflect an intuitive design that ultimately supports the formation of strong muscle memory for the user. Using the control panel in conjunction with DaVinci Resolve is first and foremost to help speed up the user’s workflow and give a more tactile, automatic way of working.

  • The interface of this product was designed with speed and efficiency in mind so the user can make decisions quickly and confidently. Icons have been crafted to be clear, strong, and unambiguous. Meaning users automatically recognise the function, which is vital to the speed of the user’s workflow. The logical and thoughtful navigation system allows color graders to have a seamless process and have intuitive interactions with the control panel. Users can access to different functions simultaneously. Letting user focus on the creative task of enhancing the video image instead of the tools at hand.

  • The Mini panel is an easy to use, intuitive product that is helping revolutionize the color grading and filmmaking industry. Giving everyone greater access to a highly professional and innovative tool where the creative options are endless.

  • Quick access to a large amount of functions. Giving users a faster way to color grade. Real time feed back to what you’re working on in DaVinci Resolve. Meaning the workflow is seamless. Visual indicators let users quickly see which functions they have already edited, increasing user confidence. Color grading is an artistic and complex process, the Mini Panel lets users work in a more intuitive way and focus on the work at hand.