Blackmagic Design – DaVinci Resolve 14

  • 2018

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Designed By:

  • Blackmagic Design UI/UX Team

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Blackmagic Design

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DaVinci Resolve 14 is a professional post-production software for film-making and TV. There are three major components to post-production: film editing, audio mixing and sound design, and color grading. DaVinci Resolve 14 is the complete solution for individuals or teams working in post.

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  • Analyse the work flow for film & TV post-production & create a software solution based around what users require to create high quality videos. Users should be able to do everything from managing media, creating their narrative, & delivering their project. User groups range from individuals who work on everything required for post. To more specialised users who are either a Film Editor, Sound Designer, or Color grader. When designing the user experience our focus was to create the smoothest, simplest, shortest journey so users can focus on the creative side of telling the story.

  • The powerful toolset is organised in a logical way that is relative to the workflow. Functionality on every page is specific to the tasks required at each step of the process. This allows users to focus on the creative side of their project, while also managing the large amount of data found in many post-production projects. The software is split into five main sections. 'Media', media management. 'Edit', for film editing and crafting the story. 'Fairlight', audio mixing & sound design. 'Color', to enhance the video image and complete color correction. 'Deliver', exporting the project.

  • The post-production process for film has traditionally been complex. Editors, colorists & sound editors have been forced to work across a range of different tools & technologies. DaVinci Resolve 14 is the only software to provide all these tools in the one application. A revolutionary, new collaboration tool set allows editors, colorists & sound editors to work in parallel in the application. This is unique in the world of post-production. Teams can communicate & work in the same project at the same time. DaVinci Resolve provides an exciting, new way of working for the Film and TV industry.

  • - Cohesive design across the comprehensive software. - A ‘Welcome Tour’, designed to help introduce new users to the software and the post-production workflow. - A ‘What’s New’ Tour, to explain what exciting new features have been added to this software release. - Advanced tools for Editors, Sound Designers, Colorists. - Mulit-user collaboration, a simpler way to create and share projects. - A built in chat system to let those collaborating discuss the project they’re working on.