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Birde is the world’s first smart media player designed specifically for children. The easiest and safest way for young children to play music, listen to stories, watch videos and learn at their own pace. Children simply tap the Birde console with illustrated tokens we call Birde Seeds to play content.

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  • Young children are increasingly using screen based technologies designed for adults. YouTube, Netflix and Apps can lead to excessive screen time and expose children to inappropriate content. Voice activated speakers are not suitable for a child’s limited vocabulary and privacy requirements. Our challenge was to design a product for children under 5 to enable them to easily and safely play educational content. It needed to: - be safe and intuitive for children to play by themselves - encourage reading and listening - ensure content is appropriate for their age and developmental needs - provide a way to limit screen time - be portable and childproof

  • Birde is designed to make playing audio and video easy, safe and fun for a child. The tap and play interface is so intuitive even a 1 year old can use it. Children tap a colour coded illustrated Seed against the Birde Icon on the console and audiobook, music or video content plays. All Seeds have an audio component providing an alternative to screen time and to encourage audio learning and reading at their own pace. Birde can be synced to a smart TV to play video content but the amount of screen time can be limited through the App.

  • Birde helps solve the problems of young children growing up in a screen dominated world. It empowers preschoolers to select and play media safely. Seed content is selected by parents specifically for their child’s age and developmental needs, removing any opportunity to expose the child to inappropriate content. Screen time can be controlled by the App. It provides children with a fun way to listen to music and audiobooks and encourage a love of reading. Seeds are delivered inside a standard envelope reducing packaging and shipping costs. The speaker and Seeds are constructed from non toxic BPA free materials.

  • The Birde system is comprised of four parts: - Birde Console, a portable child proof media player - Birde Seeds, colour coded illustrated tokens - Birde content platform, cloud based system & purpose built to deliver content - Birde Mobile App & TV Apps All this combines seamlessly to provide a safe, simple and intuitive interface empowering children to select and play educational content. Initial prototypes indicated the key requirements for the design; - A clearly defined target for reading the Seeds (the Birde icon) - A vertical or angled face to ensure Seeds are not piled atop the reader (the triangle form) - Minimal buttons or controls as these become a toy (disguised buttons on the consoles rear) - Portability (rechargeable battery, compact size and minimal weight) - Durability & cleanability (robust, waterproof construction) - Safe (soft, rounded corners, non-toxic materials, no choke hazards) - A simple, safe affordable child appealing physical object to represent the media (hexagonal seeds) - Wireless charging (recharging by the child) - LED ring (indicate current function) - Mobile App (control and monitor system) Using the apps, parents have complete control over Birde to manage screen usage, control volume and administer the system. They can also be used to pair to a Smart TV if desired.