Bilby Run – 400 Lumen Silicone Headlamp

  • 2021

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By:

Hugo Davidson

Malcolm McKechnie

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The Bilby Run 400 is an all-new running headlamp from Knog. Designed in Australia, this product offers intuitive functionality and powerful light output. The lamp also includes a unique red light halo that makes runners highly visible to other road users.

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  • Building on the design of the original Bilby headlamp, the Knog design team faced the challenge to evolve the original headlamp design into a design that addressed the specific needs faced by today's runners. There are two distinct dangers facing runners who run at night or in the early morning when there is a lack of lighting. The first and more obvious is actually seeing where they are running, so as to avoid hazards that they could injure themselves on. The second is ensuring that they make themselves highly visible to other road users who may not have noticed them.

  • In order to achieve the solution of providing additional visibility to a running headlamp, Knog turned to silicone and its unique set of attributes that have made it a material of choice for Knog for many years. By utilizing clear silicone in this headlamp design, Knog's designers were able to change the lighting pod's design so that it could create a light halo effect with the inclusion of additional RED LEDs in the lighting pod's design.

  • By utilizing clear silicone as the core material for this running specific headlamp. Knog has been able to create a unique lighting halo feature, which is the world's first design of its kind. When combining this design feature with the advanced detachable light pod, Knog has designed a headlamp that is lightweight (90g), is waterproof to a rating of IP67, and is USB rechargeable via an integrated USB point. Producing an outstanding 400 lumens on full power mode and featuring a special boost button, which gives the user a 10-minuet boost of full power, at any time during use.

  • Clear Silicone construction Utilizing clear silicone for our strap construction allows our strap to conduct the red light from the specially place LEDs, this creates a red-light halo effect, which is designed to give maximum visibility to the user. The other benefits of the material choice of Silicone are that unlike elastic it will not lose its shape, is comfy to wear, prevents slippage when running, and easy to keep clean. Integrated USB rechargeable Recharging your Bilby is as simple as popping out the rugged pod and recharging by plugging directly into any USB port, with no need for cables. Multiple modes & smart electronics The Bilby has 7 standard modes: Spot, intermediate, wide, reading, Red light, and Boost mode. Our lighting pod features 2-intuitive buttons that allow you to electronically raise and lower the light beam over a 20-degree arc, removing the need for a mechanical adjustment. Waterproof As you'd expect having been designed in Melbourne, Bilby is 100% waterproof to the rating of IP67, so you never need to worry about getting it wet. Powerful & Efficient battery life Producing a massive 400-lumen output with 30 hours on high and 60 hours on low.