Bilby Headlamp

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Hugo Davidson
  • Malcolm McKechnie
  • Chris Bilanenko
  • Eli Thurrowgood
  • Dmitrii Antanovskii

Commissioned By:

Hugo Davidson

Malcolm McKechnie

Designed In:


Having launched their first silicone headlamp in 2019, we have now developed a range of silicone headlamps each designed for specific different user requirements.
Our latest headlamp might just be our best yet. We are delighted to present the world’s most powerful silicone headlamp the 400 lumens Bilby by Knog.

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  • One of the greatest challenges to any designer is how to find a solution that delivers the required power output which for this headlamp which was a staggering 4 times our original design but do so without adding lots of additional weight or bulk. Another key design challenge that Knog’s team had to overcome was how to manage the huge increase of heat that is generated when you have a large increase in the light output from any LED, particularly as the design would sit on the user’s head where any increase in temperature would be acutely felt.

  • In order to create our most powerful silicone headlamp ever, Knog were required to completely rethink how the light emitting element of this headlamp could work and perform. Knog’s design solution needed to ensure our new replaceable pod chassis design that produced an outstanding optical performance and allowed various beam widths and elevations, all without the need for the traditional mechanical adjustment. Finally, for the lighting pod to effectively function positioned close to the user’s forehead. Knog’s pod design also had to include an innovative heat sink system ensured that the pod remained cool to the touch during use.

  • By utilizing silicone and combining it with a highly advanced detachable light pod, Knog has designed a headlamp that is lightweight (90g), is waterproof to a rating of IP67, and is USB rechargeable via an integrated USB point. Producing an outstanding 400 lumens on full power mode and featuring a special boost button, which gives the user a 10-minuet boost of full power, at any time during use. Knog’s innovative single chassis, LED placement and advanced optic design allows the user to electronically raise and lower the light beam over a 20-degree arc. This is unlike any other headlamp anywhere.

  • Silicone construction Utilising silicone for our strap construction means our strap will not lose its shape like elasticated straps of traditional headlamps. Silicone is also extremely comfy to wear and easy to keep clean. Incredible power coupled with efficient battery life Producing a massive 400-lumen output with 30 hours on high and 60 hours on low, the Bilby is both powerful and long-lasting. Integrated USB rechargeable Recharging your Bilby is as simple as popping out the rugged pod and recharging by plugging directly into any USB port, with no need for cables. Over its life time the Bilby will save you from having to buy and throw away 650 single-use batteries. Multiple modes & smart electronics The Bilby has 7 standard modes including spot, intermediate, wide, reading light, red night light and can be boosted when you need that extra lumen push. Our lighting pod features 2-intuitive buttons allow you to electronically raise and lower the light beam over a 20-degree arc, removing the need for a mechanical adjustment. Waterproof As you’d expect having been designed in Melbourne, Bilby is 100% waterproof to a rating of IP67, so you never need to worry about getting it wet.