Betachek C50

  • 2019

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Commissioned By:

National Diagnostic Products

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The Betachek C50 is the world’s first blood glucose meter with 50 test cassette and fully integrated lancing device. Designed for diabetes self-monitoring, lab accuracy and unrivaled user convenience are achieved through novel mechanical, electronic and software solutions. Importantly, this was achieved at a price point suitable for all markets.

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  • National Diagnostics Products, Tiller Design & Ingenuity came together with the aim to improve the lifestyle of those diagnosed with diabetes. A glucose meter that was an all-in-one device NOT a 'kit". Easy to use by those with limited sight or dexterity and with a high level of durability. This meant the Betachek C50 needed to push the limits of manufacturing tolerances to achieve a compact design that was easy to use and delivered accurate results. Betachek C50 allows diabetics to discretely and confidently control their blood sugar levels throughout their day.

  • The Betachek C50 replaces a bulky "test kit" comprised of test strips, lancing device and glucose analyser with a single hand-held device by simplifying components to their core function. - The cassette uses a patented mechanism eliminating the need for a door, alignment pins and other costly moving parts. - The lancing device has a multi-function patented mechanism that automatically primes the lancing device, unlocks the tape and powers up the meter. - A patented opto-electromagnetic system allows the position and calibration of the test tape to be controlled, achieving high accuracy at low cost. - Five patented inventions within the design.

  • Providing an easy and user friendly way to monitor blood sugar levels improves patient compliance, reducing diabetic complications such as amputations, organ failure and blindness. Betachek C50 provides an all in one solution; compact, convenient and affordable while at the same time reducing clinical waste and storing it safely, a better solution for the environment than conventional systems. Importantly, the design has focused on a low cost solution that can be afforded in lower income countries where the incidence of diabetes is reaching 15% of the population or higher in urban areas eg India, Pacific Islands, Mexico.

  • Blood glucose testing requires a number of test steps; 1. Removing a test from a container (bottle or foil wrapped) 2. Loading a test into the device 3. Priming (cocking) a lancing device to obtain a blood sample 4. Applying the blood to the test 5. Disposing of the blood contaminated test safely 6. Storing the lancing device, test container and blood glucose meter in a bulky kit. The Betachek C50 eliminates steps 1+2+3+5+6. Reducing the number of test steps reduces the burden of testing. This encourages people to monitor their blood glucose more frequently rather than neglect it. Testing is conducted up to 6 times a day, so any improvements to the process impacts people’s lives. Betachek C50 achieves this while reducing the form factor to a truly pocket size. The patented integrated lancing device simultaneously; - primes the lancing device - activates the analyser - exposes the test zone, - unlocks the cassette. The integrated lancing device is truly pocket safe and neatly retracts after blood sampling. Results are automatically uploaded using Bluetooth LE to a mobile device, where a custom designed app (Betachek diabetes management app) creates graphs and charts. Users may text, email or print reports.