Beefeater 1500 Series BBQ

  • 2020

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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  • Electrolux Design Team

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At Beefeater we know that a BBQ is more than just a piece of equipment. It’s a social event that brings people together to share, to laugh, and to bond over delicious food. This was the inspiration for the newest addition to our family, the Beefeater 1500 Series.

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  • About 16 million Australians have one or more types of BBQ in their home. With such a high penetration, Australia could be considered one of the top BBQ hotspots in the world. Our Design team’s challenge was to reflect contemporary changes in Australian life. The food we are cooking on BBQ’s has evolved into a multi-ethnic bazaar of different styles and tastes. The alfresco area has grown-up into a sophisticated outdoor space to cook and socialize. And we need to capture what modern Beefeater stands for – offering authentic taste experiences in a BBQ that expresses our consumers lifestyle

  • Inspired by the context of the alfresco environment, the 1500 Series makes a boldly original statement in both Architecture & materials. The control panel cover closes for a seamless look when the BBQ is not in use and then flips down for a handy little shelf when you’re cooking. The materials chosen are particularly relevant to their alfresco context. The aluminium-backed timber material brings the appearance of timber to the product, but with better quality, weather resistance and durability. This natural appearance makes the product distinct from other outdoor brands and embodies the distinct Beefeater brand design DNA.

  • The foundation of Design is understanding people, and the purpose of barbecuing is bringing people together. The 1500 Series design represents the pride we take in our outdoor spaces and facilitates to reinforce the social bonds we have with other people. The design uses key and unexpected elements to be instantly recognizable and stand out, while still reflecting context of its environment. This is especially important as our research has shown that aesthetics play an integral role to break out of the stereo-typical male dominated space – barbecuing becomes more inclusive & inviting activity if it is aesthetically inviting.

  • Whether you’re searing a steak, slow cooking the perfect roast, or charring some veggies a BeefEater makes entertaining a breeze. You can cook a feast with our spacious quality cast iron cooking surface. Heat is evenly spread and retained for better results and the coating ensures long lasting rust resistance. Our durable and powerful 15MJ cast iron burners seal in the flavour and cook with consistent heat to give you the delicious results you’re looking for, while our quartz one press start lets you start cooking quickly and easily first time, every time. Whatever cut of meat or veg you want to roast, the double layer roasting hood with temperature gauge and indirect heat, gives you consistent temperature and helps capture all the flavour you want to taste every time. The spacious side tables even allow you to keep everything you need to cook the best barbecue possible within reach. Wide and deep you can keep every herb, spice and marinade, as well as serving dishes and utensils right where you need them.