Be Mighty Granola

  • 2022

  • Communication

Commissioned By:

Amanda Holmes

Designed In:

New Zealand

Being mighty is a New Zealand mindset, eating Be Mighty fuels that mindset. Hubbards have been making breakfast foods for New Zealanders since the 1980’s. Be Mighty is Hubbards new granola for a new generation. Crunchy granola with fibre and Low GI gives the consumer energy to conquer their day.

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  • In the last couple of years Granola has become the #1 breakfast food for New Zealanders, surpassing the previously loved muesli. As a result a number of incumbent and new brands have launched their own interpretations of the product. Hubbards already had their own range as well - for Be Mighty, the challenge was to differentiate the product, and its premise, from this. Category disruption was essential for this new sub-brand for Hubbards.

  • Granolas, and breakfast foods in general, are generally earnest in their pack liveries. Dealing in generally traditionalist tropes to communicate health, provenance and manufacturing. Be Mighty's edgy and bold tone-of-voice gave us the freedom to reimagine what a granola should look and sound like. Clean white packs nod to the healthy energy of Low GI ingredients, bright neon pops of colour reference the edgy attitude. The iconic fist pump is the obvious, and confident, hero icon denoting the positive mindset complimented by hand rendered, spontaneous typography highlighting key taste and health messages.

  • Be Mighty has proved to be great success for Hubbards. The packaging disrupts in the breakfast food aisle. Supermarkets have ranged all 4 initial flavours SKUs. After just 3 months of sales, retail requested more flavour SKUs to be introduced. Hubbards subsequently developed 2 new flavours. Hubbards granola is now at 51% of the New Zealand granola market - much of this has been put down to the rapid success of the Be Mighty sub-brand.

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